XC70 P2 XC70 - Is my turbo not working?

This 2005 XC70 has been our family workhorse (wife's car) till it was replaced by the XC90 of my previous thread. I've had to use it recently because my car (a Golf GTI) is out of action for a few weeks.

Everything I read about the car says it should have enough performance to get to 100 in about 8 secs.

This car is no where near that in performance. I would say it would be more like 13-15 seconds to 100.

I'm wondering whether its turbo is broken/seized? There's no real noise except for the engine itself and a bit of transmission whine (230k on the clock). For instance, I don't think any hoses are compromised. Car doesn't blow smoke. It's just performance is really poor.

Once my car is back, I'mm prepared to have a bit of a crack and see if I can diagnose the problem myself. Is there a step-by-step for diagnosis?


  • It's fairly common for the turbo control solenoid to play up, causing low boost. It's the three-port solenoid on the side of the airbox with vacuum lines running to it.

    There's a test you can run in Vida if you have access to it.

  • Thanks for your help Tim. I've managed to obtain Vida and Dice and went for a quick drive. I set up the TCV duty cycle parameter in the charting and it never went above 0.

    Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place. This is uncharted territory for me.

    Also uncharted is the hundred or so dents I'll be pulling from the car over the next 12 months after Monday's storms.

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