850 Immobiliser not turning off

In a fit of kindness I lent my battery to a stranded damsel in distress. Got it back fine but when I reinstalled it the immobiliser was engaged. All well and good but the remote hasn't worked ever. New battery in unit tried etc. The remote is the one in the picture that comes up nowhere in searches for a 1995 850 remote. Any and all ideas gratefully accepted.

I have tried removing fuses 6 and 15 as suggested elsewhere. And manually locking and unlocking the doors does nothing. The system warning light in on the dash near the ignition switch. Not on top of the dash as shown in many YouTube videos.

the car has been off the road with a non-start issue and is has driven me to the point off wanting to just set fire to it and walk away.



  • The Aus delivered cars had their immobilsers fitted locally so the international guides are no help.

    It's been a while since I've had to bypass an 850 immobiliser.

    You will need to look up under the dash on the driver's side under steering wheel.

    There's a bunch of relays, it should be clear that the central locking relay doesn't look like the factory relays, I think it has at least 4 wires coming out of it.

    You can simply remove and bypass this relay with a jumper wire, or a relay from a non central locking 850, which will allow you to start you car.

    If you get stuck post some pictures as it will help jog my memory

  • I had the impression that it was not the same system. I'll have a look at the relays tomorrow. Any idea which posts to jump?

  • from memory you can join the two green wires which have red terminals coming from ignition switch area to over ride, also you can fit jumper wire into relay under dash . this dual relay is fitted to central lock as well i think it is a clear looking relay plate.

  • Thanks for the help.

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    Tim is correct all Aus models are after market.

    The module is in one or 2 places.

    The central locking receiver unit is behind the glove box.

    I have posted the part number on this site to replace the Australian Aftermarket units with ones available from the US.

    You will also need a matching fob.

    You can fit a bypass relay to remove the immobilizer it lives under the foot well on the drivers side.

  • So it turns out the previous owner must have had the same issue. While removing the covers under the tearing wheel to get to the relays I found someone had installed a key switch into the wiring at some stage. Naturally I didn’t have the key but I wired in a toggle switch instead and I could turn off the immobiliser. Now have the old girl starting but it won’t idle some some cleaning of the throttle body and IAC is next on the list. Thanks for the help.

  • nickmnicko @nickm Sydeneee --- home of the traffic jamb, over priced coffee, and the 2000 Olympics

    Remove it all and put a 3545333 relay in.

    Behind the glovebox install the key less entry if you want.

    You can upgrade the 3545333 relay with a genuine immobilizer relay... think there are 2 types.

  • I will thanks again for the advice. Much appreciated.

  • nickmnicko @nickm Sydeneee --- home of the traffic jamb, over priced coffee, and the 2000 Olympics

    Once the stater relay is solved these are the keyless entry parts

    Receiver part no. 3545654 FCC cwt5654r

    Fob part no. 3545653 fcc. CWT5653T

    Are a matching set.

    It also appears

    Receiver part no. 9148645 fcc no.CWTTFWB1G

    Fob part no. 9148646 fcc no. CWTTFWB1G

  • That’s great info. Thanks very much for your help. I will get into that ASAP.

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