240 Aftermarket stereo fitment help needed please

Hi guys so I have a 1992 240 sedan with the original tape deck and I'm trying to switch it out for a single din system problem is though the face plate doesn't fit over the new unit. I can find online the metra 99-9222 dash kits but they seem to be for left hand drive versions only so is there any other plates/ kits that fit over the new stereo or work around this problem without cutting the original plate to fit

Second problem

Once the unit is in it how am I going to secure it so it doesn't just bounce around because the original tape deck is way thicker than the new unit

Am I just being stupid and missing something or is this a common problem because I can't find anything on the internet about this😂😂😂

BTW this is my first time owning a Volvo so I'm pretty new to the scene 😅



  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Hey @cjwm97 welcome to the forums - in the kit you linked, you're right that the mount for the deck at the top of your dash, above the vents, would be wrong for a RHD car, but the kit also comes with a sort of trapezoid shaped fascia that is designed to fit down in the lowest position in the console, just above the transmission tunnel, which is where a lot of older 240s mount the stereo.

    To put it in the top position I think you'd just need to make your own or modify the stock bracket.

    In terms of keeping the thing mounted steady, generally you lock the mounting cage in place by pushing out a bunch of tabs, and it is then locked in the fascia plate, and the fascia is screwed to the dash. If you needed it to be more rigid you'd just need to add a spacer underneath or something. I've seen people use everything for this. Some head units will come with a rubber stopper you can use/cut to size, or you can go to Bunnings and get that trim-to-length pre-drilled metal mounting strip stuff, or you can even just put a piece of wood or something under it. It depends how heavy your head unit is, I suppose.

  • Hey thanks alot for the help so with putting it down the bottom is the stock amplifier going to be in my way to the point that it needs to come out and secondly is there a specific plastic bay/facia pocket that I should get for the top space where the original stereo was or just make any old super cheap auto one fit

    P.s. I know these aren't the most technical questions to answer but it's nice to know what ways I can go about it just so I don't start doing stuff when there's an easier way😅

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Just grab a generic kit and the screw strap metal that James mentioned,you can just make it all work.

    I'd be pulling the amp out,putting a good 4 channel one somewhere and patching the speaker wires to it.

    You will then want to upgrade the fronts to a 4" that fits in or a set of splits for front and some 6x7 or 9s in back , it never ends ey! Haha. Fun though.

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC
    edited January 2

    If you put a new modern radio down below, you will not need the stock amplifier as new ones have decent amp power built in...you just remove it and the plastic pocket, and replace all that with a flat piece of metal with a hole cut in it for the new radio...as seen in the kit I believe or easy to make your own if you’re handy.

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