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140, 240 and 740 parts workshop clean out- Updated 2019 01 25

dmcROLL DMC @dmc Melbourne
edited January 28 in For sale

The clean out continues, more added and more photos

Cleaning up workshop and have some parts left over.

All parts available for pickup in Melbourne or some can be posted. 1kg Aus Post bags are $13.

Car cover, Autotechnica size XL. Fits 140 and 240 and pretty sure 740. Needs a good iron. Not used much, though has a small tear on the right hand rear, as pictured.


##Tentatively sold## LHD (imported from USA) 1974 140 brake booster mount. This was procured to relocate the brake booster to where it really should be (directly in front of the brake pedal) and free up space on the intake side for a B230 in a 140.

Also the adjustable rod to connect the pedal to the booster. 

There are two of them, $100 each. Can post via post bags.

##Tentatively sold## M40 gearbox. Needs bearings though shifted fine. $100 pick up only.

142 rear door trims (where the door would be if they were doors). PIck up only.


3 x 140 15" wheels. Rims straight, tyres very old - one is a Michelin XZX! Probably fit 160 too. $30 for the three, pickup only.

pic below.


Manual pedal box with firewall plate for master cylinder. Clutch master not included.

Front calliper brake hoses. Next to new, fitted them to get a car going and RWC, then pulled them and fitted stainless ones. $50 for the set. Can go in post bag.

Roof racks $50

1991 240 high mount radio and amplifier (the amplifier is behind the lower part of the console). Has a code. Can post. $100 plus postage.

##Tentatively sold## Corona wheels and good tyres x 5 $100

Lots of steel wheels $10 each.

Leather front seat set. No tears though would see benefit from a good clean and some conditioner. $100 the pair. Also a spare passenger seat too, not pictured.

Cruise control controller. Not sure on model etc. $30

Manual mirrors. All functioning, need a good clean. $50 the pair.


Turbo downpipe and cat $100

960 sump and engine mounts. For putting a whiteblock into a 140/240/740. $200

Solid (ish) non hydraulic engine mounts for B230 in a 740. $50 the pair. Can post.


  • Hi I'll have the 240 wagon and sedan taillights and the 740 ones too and postage to 2154 Sydney please

  • I cant get the pics to load for me, but I might be interested in the rear 142 trims, and possibly the car cover as well.

    @DCW242 might have a use for the 240 seats?

  • Updated pics.

    Duncan has my number. I would be happy to move the seats as they take a lot of space.

    Lights, 240 wagon $100, 240 sedan $80, 740 wagon $130 (50, 50 and 30). That's 310 plus postage. Starting to realise how cheap they are, anyhoo I need the space. Looks like about 30 for postage so $340 total. Please PM me for bank details.

    I am flying to Brisbane on Monday morning (tomorrow) so can arrange pickup for small parts in Spring Hill during the week, obviously only if arranged today so I can take it with me.

    Angus, I may be driving out your way next weekend so can arrange delivery. The flywheel may be back by then too, not sure though.

    Looking for a 240 auto and driveshaft, a 240 auto diff (3.7:1) with the speedo pickup, and an early 240 power steering pump, the one that has its reservoir as part of the pump. Will consider trades/swaps.

  • I have a 3.73 240 rear end with speed sensor, but it's in a car so would need to be removed, so the time frame might be a bit longer. I should have an early PS pump ready to go, but possibly not at my place by the weekend.

  • Re the US frames to relocate a 144 booster to the right side, will they just bolt up where the cross bar is, or is some work there needed?

  • Guess I'll find out when I try to fit one to my 142 (they're provisionally sold).

  • as above, tentatively sold. I assume both, please advise if only one is needed.

    The theory was to cut off the mount at the firewall (the small end) and weld on the base plate from a 144 brake rod assembly. The reason is the firewall tapers down at the opposite angle on the other side of the firewall, so the bolt holes are different on the bottom of the bracket. Top bolts should be the same.

  • Confirming dibs on both - one for the 142, one for the 145.

  • Yours! Out of interest, if you need to cut the bottom off and weld it to the existing 144 base plate, why would you not use the RHD one from the left side, weld it the the base plate and make a longer pushrod?

    This may be a dumb question because I can’t look at a car just now.

  • dmcROLL DMC @dmc Melbourne
    edited January 8

    The original pushrod is included which should mount to the booster.

    The mount needs to fit the firewall profile, flat at the top and it cuts away around the firewall tunnel at the bottom. There may be alternative ways to do it, though that was my plan.

  • Ohhh man... shipping of the front seats would be stupid money, right?

    What about just rear head rests? is it early or late model?

  • these ones. not sure.

    rear seat spoken for, well the arm rest.

    Shipping the seats anywhere but melbourne would be nuts.

  • Interested in the brake hoses. Pm sent.

  • Are they wagon rear head rests?

  • yes.

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