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TAS - 1988 B230F and M46 for free

I've got a 1988 B230F under my house that needs a new home. Comes with the engine stand it's on. I'm moving house and probably won't have anywhere to store these.

It was taken out of my 240 with about 350,000km on it. Had a coolant leak around the thermostat or water pump. Condition unknown but ran fine in the car.

I also have a M46 gearbox for free but it needs a rebuild as the syncros for second gear are no good. I was going to use it to measure up a T5 swap but haven't got that far yet.


  • I'm certainly interested. How soon do you need them gone?

    And do you have an engine crane for loading up the engine?

  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL @1971_144GL Launceston, Tasmania

    Hi, I would love the m46 please and does it have a flywheel still? When does it need to be collected? I will think on the engine. Cheers

  • They'd need to be collected sometime in the next month or so.

    I don't have a crane for the engine but it is bolted to the stand at waist height so it's manageable for a 2 person lift into the back of a ute.

    I don't have the flywheel of clutch for the gearbox and it doesn't have the OD solenoid on it.

  • No worries, I can bring an engine crane.

    (A ute, on the other hand.... well, that's why I've been offline for several days - problems with one!)

    But I can squeeze a donk into one of the wagons, no drama.

    I will PM you when I've had a chance to shake the ash from Sydney off of myself and we can sort out details.

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