XC70 Xc70 towing wiring

Thanks to Spac, I've sourced a towbar for my wife's xc70. I was looking online and found the Volvo towing harness at eEuroparts, but they don't seem to ship to Australia anymore.

Fcp have the same sku listed as not fitting a 2005 xc70. The sku is 30664651 (https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/tow-hitch-wiring-s60-s80-v70-30664651). Does it fit a 2005 xc70 or only a v70?

Fcp also state I need an additional module, sku 30664974 (https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-trailer-control-module-genuine-30664974)

Do I need both of these to be able to have working lights on a trailer?


  • I believe you also need a dealer to activate/program the added module...

    I gave up adding a tow bar to my 2010 XC70 D5 due to cost: a used towbar, used module/ wiring loom plus programming by a dealer was over $1,000.......

  • You *probably* don't need the module. There is a wiring kit from the dealer that should plug straight into the REM. If you pm me your vin I can confirm the part number for you tomorrow

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