S/V60 Angle gear splines

Just discovered that I can turn the tail shaft whilst the gearbox is engaged in gear so am guessing I am up for replacing the angle gear and/or collar. Noticed a bit more torque steer and rear end twitchyness of late but no other issues and no load bangs.Any other explanation before I order parts and pull apart? Car is a S60R 6 speed manual.


  • Drill the angle gear for a drain plug and drain the fluid out, check fluid condition

    Remove the fill plug and insert a $30 usb eBay snake camera (with lights) and watch what turns when you turn the shaft

    Also check to make sure that the angle gear is even still there (I've seen it removed in past by dodgy techs)

    If the angle gear is dead, find new one

  • Yeah thanks for that idea, never thought of that and I have one at home so will stick it into the fill hole and see what is going on in there. I suspect not a lot but before I start pulling it apart I want to be sure.

  • Its been a while although as suspected after removing the angle gear the collar sleeve completely stripped. Unfortunately the output splines on the angle gear are also buggered as well so a new or good second hand angle gear is on the cards as well. Had some reasonable prices on a Volvo exchange unit which is probably the way I'll go as second hand ones with good splines are unobtanium.

    But as many others on the forums have described, I can not get the collar off the gearbox output shaft. Broke a 2 leg puller trying to pull it off and now working drilling 3 holes to use a 3 legged puller which I should have used in the first place. Tried using the slide hammer vise grips and heat but no joy - also trying to avoid slide hammer extraction as can;t be good for the output shaft bearings.

    I see Volvo have a special hydraulic split collar/blind bearing puller like tool as described in this attachment but in the absence of one of these I am looking into the 5 tonne hydraulic 3 legged pullers like in the link below. Haven't seen one in the flesh but they look like they should fit and work well.

    Here is a few pics but if anyone has any bright ideas on getting the collar off I am all ears.

    Angle gear splines

    Should have used a 3 legged puller as the two legged one broke and bent the cuts I made out.

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    OK so jobs finished and one I will never repeat. To say the collar was a PITA to get off is somewhat an understatement but the best quality 5 tonne puller I could get and some very carefully positioned cuts in the collar 120 degrees apart and she came off. Few notes based on my experiences:

    • Don't try the 2 legged puller as it will likely break and you risk damaging the sleeve in a way to prevent you from using a 3 legged puller - it stretched the 2 grooves out and broke a 2 tonne puller. Just go straight for the 3 legged puller and be absolutely precise in your cuts so that they are exactly 120 degrees apart and the are square so the threaded pusher is aligned down the guts of the socket in the output shaft. I used a jig made from a takeaway coffee cup and slid it over the collar to drill the holes.
    • Use new drill bits as it took 3 drill holes to create each cut in the sleeve and then a small round file broken off into the drill to shape the hole to fit the claw of the puller precisely.
    • Put a blank in the gearbox output shaft to prevent all the metal filings and rubbish going down the output shaft. I used the bottom of the coffee cup cut out and pushed in there.
    • I used an air gun to carefully blow all the swarf and filings out of the bolt holes and webbing in the gearbox (and not into the gearbox) as it had stuck to everything and would wreck havoc if left there.
    • I used a bit of heat but the propane torch ran out pretty quickly so I don't think that had much effect. Had that up my sleeve if all else failed.
    • Really check those angle gear output splines as they are hard to see and covered in muck but be sure they are OK before putting the old angle gerar back on. Mine were stuffed so I had to very reluctantly purchase an exchange angle gear from Volvo. That hurt.
    • Checked to see if Volvo had filled it with the correct amount of oil (it comes ready to fit) and it was nearly right - it had 600ml of oil not the specified 650ml's so I will leave it a month then change with the correct Volvo oil and fill so it contains 650ml's. Will fill it with the proper Volvo angle gear oil PN 3125380 API GL-5 / SAE 75W-90 that it came with.
    • Bought the specific Volvo spline grease PN:1161748.
    • Don't forget to put the green O ring on the gearbox output shaft and slide it on right up to the face in the gearbox - When the collar mates into it - that will stop gearbox oil from running through the collar splines and out the angle gear mating surface - there is no positive seal on that.
    • Obviously replace both the gearbox/sleeve oil seal and the one inside the gearbox output shaft that the axle goes through.
    • I put the angle gear in, nipped the bolts up but didn't tighted until after I had slid axle into the angle gear and gearbox as well as tighten axle carrier bearing. This was to make sure all was aligned first, then tightened angle gear up. Angle gear has no dowels so can jiggle a bit when tightening it up without axle in it and it won;t seal unless it is all true (i.e. dead straight from the female spline in the gearbox that the end of the axle mates into - through the outer angle gear axle seal to the axle carrier bearing).
    • The top bolt on the angle gear is $#$#$# hard to get tight but can be done.
    • When sliding the axle back into the angle gear - don't get impatient and try to do it solo. Get another person to assist by holding the out cv joint and the other person guiding the axle through the outer seal in the angle gear - just so easy to tear it putting in the axle. I also put a little grease on the blank part of the axle shaft to lubricate it as it will touch the seal when being slid in no matter how careful you are.
    • I drained the manual gearbox oil as apart from small losses when the collar is removed, there may have been some contamination so best start with a new batch. Also used an oil can with some of the gearbox oil in it to pump inside the gearbox output shaft to clean anything out that got lodged in there. It runs straight out of the drain plug so gives it a flush out on the way. Will replace oil when I replace the angle gear oil so both are new after running in - so to speak. Used the cheaper Penrite 75W-80 GL4 semi synthetic for the flush before putting the proper Volvo manual transmission oil PN 31280771 API GL-4 / SAE 75W (M66) into it.
    • Reach for well deserved beers when it is all finished
    • Some pic's

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