240 Dash lights

So i have no dash lights but i think ive checked all fuses they look fine and i have indicators and globe warning light working and all other lights on dash when you first start the car i also have other random lights around the dash but not all, what are the chances just my speedo and rev gauge and fuel globes have blown ?


  • Do the park lights work?

  • Go Get your self a good test light like this, supercheap sell them, recheck all fuses and if they are all ok next check the dimmer switch i dont own a 240 but the dimmer switch will control all dash illumination i found a simple wiring diagram with a quick qoogle search. If dimmer apears to work check the dash globes but is rare all the globes blow at once.

  • Fuse 16 should have a conatant 12v supply and as you turn the dimmer either direction the voltage on the brn wire should go up or down or with a lest light it should dull or brighten this is how the dash light dim. It varies the voltage to them. If you have no out put from the dimmer its no good. If it functions correctly its either dash globes, or possible bad connections some where

  • Awesome thanks mate I'll check it out

  • I think (depending on year) there are only 2 globes in the main cluster - located at the top. So possible both are blown. If you have tiny hands and you’re also a contortionist (!), you may be able to reach up and get them without removing the cluster. Otherwise it’s pretty easy to remove the cluster part way to access the globes. Sounds like the rest of the items on your cluster are working. If there were a number of things not working, I’d suspect one of the plugs on the back of the cluster has come dislodged. Another thing that can cause issues is the dimmer rheostat. This can easily be tested by bypassing it. However, if you have other dash lights for the clock or heater controls working, I wouldn’t suspect the rheostat.

  • PS: here’s a pic I stole from the inter web. 2x lights circled in red at top of cluster at back.

  • Thank you everyone for your help it turned out it was two blown globes

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