XC90 Extended warranty not offered

The warranty on my 2015 XC90 finished last year, and so I had its last service with Sydney Volvo in Five Dock. All was fine. Three months later I had an incident where it just wouldn’t start, and I called Volvo and they were great, they came and got it and fixed it under warranty, even though it was out of warranty, because they said it was a known issue.

So now I’m looking at a new Volvo for 2020. A dealer asked me if I had extended the warranty on the 2015. I didn’t know I could! It was never offered. I could’ve had a one year extension, or two.

Well I’ve been asking if I can have the remaining year covered by an extended warranty, at my cost of course.

When they finally replied, ‘computer says no’. No reason at all given, sensible or stupid. Just, no, we don’t do that. It was never offered to me at the last service, but the service manager says, they have pamphlets I should’ve read.

do you think they know something about my vehicle that they’re not prepared to cover? Car seems fine at present...


  • Extended warranty generally only offered at time of purchase (new or used)

  • No they SYDNEY agreed with the other dealer, parramatta, that this is offered at the time of the last service.

    i see the big boss of Volvo Aus says it’s a no brainer to offer a 5 year warranty as the costs would be so low.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Wether they said it or not they are refusing to acknowledge it now , dealers talk rubbish to everyone that walks in the door.

    The rise of buying off brokers and even on the internet is testament to dealers standings.

    Don't get me started on cost of services which is where they make profit.

    ( family member moved up from head tech to parts to service manager at a major country dealer of holdens,Mitsubishi and Mercedes, quit in disgust at the crime they expected him to carry out in the name of service......now owns his own highly successful truck parts business because of his honesty.)

  • The car comes with 3 years warranty. You can only extend it by 1 or 2 years but it MUST be done before the original warranty expires. It's about $2k for the extra 2 years which of course is no use to you now. If you're trading it in on a newer model, I doubt it would make a difference to the trade in value.

  • Yes, and they didn’t make that offer to me when the original warranty expired, at the last service.

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