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Engine Mounts for XC90 2012 aftermarket v genuine - Quality

I need to replace the engine mounts on my XC90. Does anyone have any knowledge of the quality of the aftermarket parts available? I see there are a few different brands for sale online.

My Mechanic suggested doing some research into it as he was unsure if the cheaper parts I have seen are good quality or not. He can source an aftermarket set from his supplier or a set of genuine Vovlo parts but he mentioned they might be made by the same manufacturer and simply sold at different price points.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.



  • What engine?

  • It's the D5 2.4 diesel.

    Thank you.

  • The most common mounts that require replacement in the d5s are the top torque mount and the front hydraulic engine mount.

    An aftermarket torque mount is fine, the aftermarket hydraulic mounts can transfer more vibration but are significantly cheaper than genuine.

    Sandwood trading in Melbourne can send you the parts overnight 03 98980314

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    There is a top mount available from IPD that is a nolathane type material , I have one to try , I hope the lower hydraulic mount is OK with the combination.

  • Thanks Tim, The Torque Mount definitely needs to be replaced. Mechanic said all of them are worn though. When you say they can transfer more vibration are you comparing them to the genuine parts? There is a lot of vibration going on at the moment. Has been like that for about a month now.

    I'll give Sandwood Trading a call. Thanks.

    Snoopy, are you suggesting that mixing types /brands is not a good idea? What's IPD by the way? Assuming it's a parts sales/manufacturer? I had a quick google and can see IPD USA and IPD UK.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    If IPD is same company in UK as USA it would be cheaper postage. I didn't realise they had UK listed company.

    Others have used the IPD top mount with success it seems but I wonder if it puts more stress on all the others.

  • With all new mounts you shouldn't be able to feel the engine vibrating through the steering wheel at idle.

    I would replace the top torque mount and front hydraulic mount first and it will clean up 90% of the issues.

    Potential damage to the other mounts depends entirely on how long its been driven with worn out engine mounts.

    Urethane would be OK in a petrol engine but potentially too harsh in a diesel.

  • Thanks for your advice Tim.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    @timbo , you answered what I was wondering....The missus s80d5 needs a top mount , I'll get a genuine one instead of IPD then. It lasted 86k km i reckon as that's mileage when we got it and at some stage I looked at the mount after checking mine,they seem to be same one?

  • VolvoDegerDeger @VolvoDeger Melbourne
    edited October 2019

    Now for my say,,,,,,,,tell me if the vibration is louder when turning right under acceleration as you will find the mount below the crankshaft pulley screwed..most common of all the noises....

    Next where the gearbox sits above the left hand sub frame there is a rubber buffer, you should have enough clearance to put your fingers there if not both side hydraulic mounts are shot.

    Also check the vacuum mounts are holding with a vac pump as this will indicate if the vacuum part of the mounts are stuffed which are only required at idle.

    The bottom link rod off the side of the gearbox should have slight play if any also the top torque mount should have slight play but not as vital.

    I hope this helps as replace plenty of these for different vibrations

    cheers steve

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    @VolvoDeger ,Steve, have you done an IPD top mount?

    I'm going to put one on the T6 V60 but hesitate on putting it on the D5 S80 in case it's big vibration. Although,the existing mount is shot and probably transmitting lots anyway. Do you supply the mount?

  • Thanks for that Steve,

    I'll have to check on that, I hadn't paid as much attention as you have described. I'm not a mechanic so I very rarely get underneath a car. But these tips to look out for are a great help. I'll check them out. I may have more questions once I've had a listen and a look.

    Thanks for your helpful advice.


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