C30 Painting C30 Exterior Trim & Wheels

Been a while since I've been on, but looking to give the car a little TLC.

She's been running fine for the last year or so, no issues. But the exterior black (plastic?) trim is looking a little worn and has a tendency to show water marks and generally look a little meh.

So is there anyone with experience painting the trim on their P1? Happy to pull off the trim and redo it all well. Sand it all back, give a few coats of black automotive paint then some matte clear coat?

Similarly, the previous owner painted the wheels in black. Not sure what he used, looks just like,a rattle-can paint job. Would i need to take the previous paint off or just sand, prime a repspray?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but either way once I do it, should be good little thread to look at for anyone looking to respray their wheels.

Thanks in advance for any helps. Cheers.


  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Wheels are THE most shit things to paint , ask a spray painter,they will not want to do it....

    You could put plastidip on them.

    Have them done by a wheel place.

    Or rattle can over the top ........

  • Black exterior trim parts, remove everything and clean with prepsol, then soak red or grey scotchbrite with prepsol and rub everything until it's clean and dull. Prepsol with clean rags everything until it's spotless.

    You need to use plastic adhesion promotor, septone sell one at supercheap auto. Follow the can directions, after the adhesion promoter is on and dry, paint your colour.

    Wheels are no fun to paint or prep.

  • Why Volvo used that black trim is beyond me, the body colour trim looks so much better.

    With the wheels, if you're happy to keep an eye out you can probably find a set for sale in a nicer style at a reasonable cost which would save you painting them.


  • Legends.

    Cheers for all the help guys. I'll get into the trim next but of free i time i get on a weekend.

    Actually, since you're on the topic of alternative trims. The nicer trim pieces that come on the C30s with the sport body kit, are they interchangeable with the standard pieces? Or are they a part of the whole front bumper, cause swapping them out would be a nice little upgrade for the front end.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Call Mark at Berry Motor Group, they wrecked an R Design C30 recently.

  • You can swap out the textured parts without swapping the whole bumper. Budget for trim clips for the wheel arch moulds as you will probs break at least 50% of them

  • If you're going to the effort to paint, then you might as well fit a rdesign body kit from a wrecked c30. Alternatively 303 automotive protectant makes the trim look like new.

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