Oz Volvo Nationals - call for volunteers

jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
edited October 2019 in Events

Hi all,

I mostly shoestring Nationals by myself, however on the day of the show'n'shine, I really do need a couple extra hands to help me setup. If anyone is willing to volunteer in the following roles, you'd be doing Oz Volvo a solid:

  • A gatekeeper who can check cars in (you'll need a smartphone, I wrote a web app that does most of the heavy lifting here) and give out showbags - you won't need to man the post all day, once the bulk of attendees has arrived, which is usually very quickly, and we've got them parked, we can handle the rest as they come in.
  • Someone to help mark rows and then direct cars into those rows


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