20" XC60 R design Cratus wheels

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Am selling my factory 2011 XC60 R-design wheels.

size: 20"

some minor curb rash on one but overall, spin true and undamaged.

$800. $750

Location: Melbourne.


  • nannanFudd @nannan Beaumont Hills, NSW

    Do you have any photos of the curb rash ? And any idea on cost to ship to Sydney ?


  • The wheels are all pretty good mate. Just being honest about the condition. Just need a clean. Price reflects condition. No idea about freight. You will need to organise that.

    A pic of one of the wheels.

    The other wheels are like this.

  • nannanFudd @nannan Beaumont Hills, NSW

    Hi Adam,

    Do you know if they are a straight swap when changing from 18" wheels, or will I need to do mods to steering etc.. I heard somewhere that you need to put stops or something in order to avoid them scrubbing the inner wheel arch on full lock ? Just picked up my XC60 this morning 2009 MY2010 with 18" wheels.

  • Hi Fudd, They're 100% compatible and OEM for the R design. They dont touch on anything so don't believe that false 'stop' rubbish.

    No need to do anything as all of these wheel/tyre combos use the 'plus' sizing' calculation to keep the speedo in check.

  • Hi Adam,

    Are these able to be put on a non-R-Design model of XC60? I’m also in Melbourne and interested in these wheels, however I have a 2010 XC60 D5 with the standard 17’ alloys and am not sure of the fitment. Would this also affect the speedo?

    Thanks :)

  • Hi guys,

    These wheels/tyre combo fit all XC60 variants.

    Yes they fit if you run smaller size wheels / tyre combo.

    These wheels make the speedo accurate. i.e actual speed matches speedo speed.

  • Hi Adam,

    Will these fit my Polestar? It's a real XC60 Polestar like your parents.



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