140 bits

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Slowly going through some bits in the shed that I no longer need:

6x 140/160 lower control arm bushes for 1970-74 (offset cut-out type). $10 ea. or 6 for $50.

1x 140/160 "OVERDRIVE" lamp fitting for standard instrument cluster 1968-1972. This replaces the standard "VOLVO" label in the centre of the instrument cluster below the ribbon. I know that these don't come up very often (aka practically never). $40.

1x 66-70 vertical radiator. I'm not sure whether these fit the 120 as well. The core appears to have a hole in one or more of the tubes on the left (was like that when I got it), but the tanks are good. Comes with a NOS bottom radiator hose. $15.


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