260 264 manual conversion

Hi All,

I have been offered a bulk lot which includes a 1981 manual 264 GLE. I do not have time to bring it back to active duty due to work and other projects and cannot store it. It has sat for 15 years. Is anyone interested in it? It is in great shape, has all of the GLE features, has a bump in one door though I am told Voldat has the right colour GLE door ready to go. It would need brakes overhauled, headlight reflectors, battery, 4 tyres, all fluids and probably some shocks. Windscreen would need to be replaced too, the seals are a bit daggy. Glove box needs some glue too.

The interior is in great shape, everything there and working. Factory micro-processor radio. Leather seats in pretty good shape.

The engine turns over though is an unknown. It looks in good shape and was serviced (lots of receipts etc.)

I am told a manual is very rare, though 264 knowledge is not my thing.

Comments, ideas? Anyone want to restore it, my sums say about 2k and a couple of weekends to get it to a roadworthy.

Anyone want the gearbox conversion? It seems a shame to wreck, they were the biggest and best in their day. Reality does not always agree with the 'right' thing to do though.


  • Manual 264s are rare. This looks like YM81 or 82. To keep it sort-of original, this one would be worth converting to B280.

    Which gearbox does it have - the M46 or the Getrag M51?

    And what's your asking price for manual setup, &/or the whole car?

  • If its the same one iceton was advertising, which it looks like,then its an m46

  • Have not committed to buying it yet. There are some other parts I am after, the car is part of the deal.

    I am told it is an M46. It is an 81 build.

    Yes, from Mark.

    If the sale goes ahead I will put something in the for sale area, just wanted to know what they are worth. Would $1500 for the car see it go to a good home?

  • I thought Mark was advertising it for $900...but that may have been a different one?

  • Mark has it advertised on facebook for $850 so $1500 is probably unrealistic

  • Angus242164Angus @Angus242164 Western Victoria

    The M51 came in a handful of '75 models, the M46 was in a small number of 264's from about '80 to the end of production in '83.

  • dmcROLL DMC @dmc Melbourne
    edited October 2019

    Almost certainly the same one. If it was on fb then I did not see it, I do not do fb.

    Seems odd, for $900 it would be a bargain. I am surprised no one grabbed it, also explains why he want to move it on. Maybe my estimation is a bit out. Hence the question.

  • Angus242164Angus @Angus242164 Western Victoria

    They're interesting cars but demand is low, so prices are pretty low too.

  • I guess most people don't want to take a gamble on a neglected prv6

  • And it is a gamble. The PRV in my 262 has two worn cam lobes after sitting ten years (discovered them last night, proper stuffed!) . That was a gamble, lost on the engine and won on the interior and most of the car. It is a pleasure to drive.

    I may buy it and store it, the rest of the car is just too good. There is a nice R sport turbo engine in the workshop, and most of an m47 for 240 installation...

    Maybe late next year or 2021.

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