SOLD - [Qld] For Sale - S80 V8 R-Design


  • Awesome motor car, with the nicest (IMO) S80 interior.

    @SimonA does this car have BLISS, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control?

  • It's been a great car and I really enjoy it, but I don't drive it much now and it isn't as practical as the XC that it shares the garage with.

    It does have BLISS, lane departure and adaptive cruise. I'm going to miss not having adaptive cruise. Definitely something I will look for in my next vehicle. So good!

  • Dropping the price to $17,500 negotiable. Every time I take it out for a short spin, I remember why I bought it in the first place. There is nothing quite the power of a V8 under your right foot :)

    The Dynaudio sound system is great and fit and finish of Volvo really make me not want to sell it, however, it is sitting in the garage just getting a drive on the weekend.

    I'd really like to see it go to someone in the Volvo community as it is the last of the V8s and has quite a few options that make it special...

  • Oh I saw this on Carsales!! Was very tempted, glad to see it’s owned by an enthusiast.

    currently trying to sell my V10 S8 and a Few others but if it’s still for sale when I’m ready I’ll certainly contact you, would be a good daily alongside the S60R 👌🏽

  • Still for sale?

  • Hi Pria,

    It's still for sale. Ready to buy:-)

  • Dropping the price to $15,900. I've started a new job and have a vehicle as part of the package, so the S80 is now really extra to our needs. I'd love to have it go to a fellow Volvo person as it is a great example. I'm negotiable on price.

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