140 or maybe a early 240: steering column bush/bearing replacement

The 140 rally car makes very nasty shrieks from the steering column when under serious load. With the steering wheel removed, there’s a lot of play at the top end of the shaft.

I guess there must be bushes or bearings in the column that need replacing.

The 140 is currently under the tender ministrations of Customs, so I can’t look at it just yet. So I pulled the steering column from a parts 244, 1977 IIRC. It looks pretty much the same as the 1974 144 from the firewall back. But I can’t get the shaft out of the column to see what bushes/bearings are involved or how to replace them.

Has anybody done this or got any ideas?


  • IIRC there are two bushes which sit in the guts of the 1974 columns, but it's been over 30 years since I had a 74 model one apart. The '73s have a similar arrangement, but they're different to the 74 models (the tube is convoluted in the 74s).

    I have both a 73 164 and a 74 140 column up in my shed in the mainland, unfortunately those bits didn't make the cut to bring back home on my last trip, otherwise I could've dismantled one and told you for certain. My next parts run won't be until late October, and one would hope your rally car will be out of customs by then.

  • Your comment on the convoluted tube makes sense. 5he early 244 tube I pulled out today was convoluted and early 240s and 1974 140s had a lot of commonality.

    Hopefully the car will be released by by October! It’s a Sydney thing: I’ve brought 4 cars into Sydney over the years: all have needed ‘recleaning’ and reinspecting despite being thoroughly cleaned overseas. At my cost, of course. Other ports are far easier from everything I hear from other rally mates bringing cars back.

    The farmer in me is happy about the attention to biosecurity. The cynic thinks Sydney Customs officers must have cousins in the car cleaning business.

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