244DL 308 conversion



  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    @watkins where in Aus are you?

  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
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    You are obviously don't have much experience building 308/4 motors then. As it's easy to work around the emissions issues by way of using vl heads for instance.

    Second, the engine numbers don't get picked up unless you're an armchair expert and you can get carbied intakes for the far superior VN heads. Or of course going to any EFI which is pretty superior to a qaudy. But I only build motors in my weekends with my machinist. What do I know?

    Down in Melbourne like I said, always virgin bore 304s, for a lot less than checks, 350 chev parts are similar cost to the Holden motor but don't sound as good and head options on a budget can result in having a 180hp 350 cube engine pretty easily vs a 304, where you can't get heads as wrong, but once again arm chair experts know better.

  • Why are you being so agro about this? Just relax. In my limited experience on Holden V8s but not rego and engineering I approached 3 engineers and they all said the exact same thing. "Put it on gas or be prepared to have it smogged". It doesn't matter how much you know about building engines. It doesn't matter how much experience you have. I wanted the easiest way to get my paperwork signed off. That meant not building a carbed 304 and instead building a 350. The 350 will go right through without smog. The 304 will need to be smogged and opens up a can of worms for me in terms of paperwork. The three engineers I approached are not armchair experts. The blueslip station I will take it to is also not an armchair expert. They will know the difference and will then ask me to go have it smogged, put it on EFI or run straight gas. I don't want to do any of those things so that's why the 350 was bought

    Just take it easy and stop being such a dick about everything and get off your pedestal.

  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.

    If you start with a newer lt1 style chev you need emissions also, so you must have an early 350 also. Most are flogged out.

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    This is an emissions equiped early 308 that has functioning egr and carbon canister.

    will dummy fit the carbon canister and leave egr parts fitted for engineering purpose and block off later - I do understand the block being 60 over and having a slight score isn’t the best idea in the world but these engines are agricultural as fuck it will last a long time as just a cruiser, no intentions of touring or working out of it ha ha

    i started on the turbo route about 12 years ago for my 242 but ended up broke and sold it all off and the body just a few years ago

    all I’m trying to achieve is a tough sounding sleeper and running the supra gearbox as I can’t find it done anywhere in a volvo most are running autos from what I can find. I am not chasing big horsepower at all engine has been rebuild to stock specs

    this car is purely most part for the enjoyment of building it

    anyway cleaning k frame is proving pretty dirty and time consuming will keep working away today

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    And I’m in gippsland Vic - traralgon

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    You know more about the engine sitting in my garage than I do.

    It isn't an LT1. It's an early 70s C10 pickup 4 bolt main block with fuelie double hump heads. It was also a virgin bore until I had it machined. I've spoken to my engineer who said it will comply without issue as HQs were offered with a 350 as an option. HQ and HQ option. I've sussed out the information I need to make this as easy as possible. I tried to find a 308 and couldn't find a decent one. I asked about a 304 and was told the same answer by 3 people. My brother in law had the exact experience that was described by the 3 engineers. He had a HZ with a 253. Wanted a 308, couldn't find one so resorted to VN 304. Was told he had to keep the EFI and swapped the whole lot over. Lost value on the car because of the EFI. I don't want to do that which is why I've sourced a 350 instead of a 304.

    This thread isn't about how much you know about everything there is to know about. I simply put forward my first hand experience on using a carbed 304 in regards to what might happen when you rock up to the RTA office. If you become an approved engineer and are happy to sign off carbed 304s then you will have a nice market to cater to. Until that happens then people will keep spending big money on 308s to keep themselves out of the eyes of Mr EPA.

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    Cleaning rebuilding and painting as I go this is proving very time consuming

    glad I had a second pair of calipers laying around fronts off the 244 were seized to the crap house and slides R clip had been replaced with a safety pin, pretty funny. Gonna upset some people but I am not replacing the dust seals on the pistons i have always found when they tear they hold water and dirt inside and create more problems

    out of the 4 struts I have they are all knackered so need to order some replacements if anyone has recommendations and have ordered new ball joints

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Looking good!

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    Well the compressor and bench Grinder have had a good work out

    2 rotten front ends slowly making 1 , come across some more funky things but luckily have done pretty well so far only had to order new ball joints. Front shocks out of the sedan are still great and going to utilise the wagons front springs. Check out the height of the old lowered 244 and bump stops ha ha no more low anymore.

    Decent score in one of the rotors

    and got the engine bay painted up where dot4 had stripped it bare

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    Brakes were completely disassembled and rebuilt had some fun with a couple of seized calipers

    beers are going down great too... cheers

  • It's coming up a beaut, nice work!

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    Righto ball joints didn’t turn up in time for Easter engine install But that’s all good give me a chance to clean up the shed bloody trashed from cleaning stuffs

    i do have front end mounted up now, and also bellhousing is at an engineer shop to be redrilled to suit the turbo pattern

    Time for a beer fresh brew is up

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Nice work! I like that grille and headlight combination...might have to put that together for my wagon project...hmm. :)

  • Want to part with the throttle cable from the B21A?

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    Ball joints arrived the other day.... 2 of the same one


    so the store won’t take a return cos I already pumped some grease into it... waiting game again it is...

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    Been waitin bloody weeks for them ball joints... they turned up late yesterday afternoon but in boredom had started to seal the floor of the shed so best give it some time to cure before I bring the car back in. Here’s a pic after I polished the Volvo last year. Got an electronic dizzy too.

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    Not at the moment am in hopes that only slight modification it should work with the v8. Seems about correct length.

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Looking good! What product did you use on the shed floor?

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    Nutech Pavecoat petrol resistant one. Some of the products on the market are so ridiculously priced this was the best value for money I could find.

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