XC60 D5 cracked No1 Piston

Just had my 2010 d5 serviced at 90000kms

Basic Service done under used car warranty by non Volvo Service dept

left the service department, gave it some right foot and the engine made a rattle while billowing white smoke

Nursed it back ... where it still is for the weekend as they couldn’t diagnose the issue but did find half a litre of oil in the air box.

Blown turbo?



  • They’ve had the car now for nearly a week and still don’t know what the issue is.

    Lets hope the mechanical warranty is worth something.

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    @iceton1975 , seen this?

  • Cracked piston ... for those interested.

    Dealer has suggested a replacement engine at a cost of $6K.

  • 6k sounds about right. I had a D5 V50 with a problem no-one could diagnose but in the end the consensus was "something internal". Other than a Volvo dealer nobody recommended tearing it right down to fully diagnose and fix it because it wouldn't be cost effective.

    Most suggested just trading it and moving on (which I ultimately did). Berry would do a swap if they could get a good used engine and it would have been 6-7k.

    D5s seem to me to be hit and miss - lots go long distances but some fall over early, At the same time I was trying to get mine sorted there was another D5 V50 at Voldat that had dropped its bottom end. Mine was 69k, that one was in the 50s. I suspect lots of town use is part of the problem (as for all diesels). Berry also seemed to have a regular trade in selling engine swapped D5s of various configs (like XC60s).

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    This sounds like a injector issue to me with white smoke and why is it only doing this after service, maybe also they put too much oil in the engine as they don"t get filled up.

  • Update:

    Turns out, after the dealer manager had a chat Volvo ... it’s easier the replace the piston than the engine and at a fraction of the price.

    From a $6000 bill, down to $2500

    With the used vehicle warranty of $1000 and an act of “good faith” from the dealer of another $1000 ... I’m only about of pocket by $500.

    For anyone else with dealing with this (known) issue with the D5 ... stand your ground and don’t accept an engine replacement just because it’s “easier”.

  • Was the cause of the cracked piston diagnosed and repaired?

  • That's so wrong only 90,000 km. They don't make them like they use to.

  • This is the FIRST time I've heard of this common issue of cracked pistons!!! Just been serviced and it happens straight away can guarantee it wasn't serviced correctly and I bet was way overfilled with oil. The oil was sucked into the engine through the breather and destroyed it. The twin turbo D5's have been faultless except when serviced by people that don't know Volvo. It shouldn't cost you anything for a mistake made by the service centre.



  • Finally got the car back after an entire month and it’s driving the way it was before I dropped it off. The D5 is a cracker of an engine!

    End result was we ending up not paying a cent for the engine repair. I suspect they finally accepted that they did something wrong ... like put too much oil in?

    im going to drain the oil in a couple of weeks to check for metal shavings and make a decision on whether to keep it or not then.

    thanks everyone for your comments!

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