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Hi all i thought i would share some work Photos of a new Hudraulic Excavator Build with you all as most people dont get to see this gear in its natural habitat. Altho not quite a Volvo its as equally as Cool as one.

The Run down

He is Hitachi EX3600-6 he is a small to med size mining Excavator he is 360 Tonne full weight so no slouch by any meens, he also has 2 bigger brothers the EX5600 and EX8000 you can guess there weight lol. EX8000 being second largest hydraulic Excavator in the world

Some specs on him

Weight 360T

Engine Cummins QSK 60


1500KW or about 2000HP continuous power @ 1900 RPM

Top Speed 1.8km/h super fast lol

Bucket size 22m3.



  • What a monster! The tracks almost look too small for it. 22m3 bucket capacity?!! You could scoop up a small excavator in that thing. Wow.

    The photo with the crane gives a great idea of the true size. That crane looks like a toy in comparison.

  • Thanks for sharing @TL_V70

  • No worries @ALVO360 its a 250 Tonne crane we used 2 of them to fit the upper structure to the track frame but i forget to take photos of that as i actually had to do some work lol

  • Amazing, and somewhat different from the little 1.7 ton Kubota's I've hired in the past!

  • Looks like fun , need a hand up there ..

  • Any one got a spare Optima Yellow top? Lol

  • 24v or 48v?

    They look way too small for starting batteries

    I was expecting 250 or 400ah units

  • I do this mod to replace the 6x N200 battries 400ah weighting abot 53kg each. Each bank of 6 Optimas in 24v. The machine is 24v. They provide more than enough power and capacity to start. OPTIMAS are great little batteries. The only reason this is done is to stop manual handaling of the bigger batteries as per customer requests, i have done many of these mods and never had any issues

  • @Angus242164 1.7t beauties awaiting new homes.

  • 24v at 1200ah down to 24v at 480ish AH

    Total Surface area on the optimas is probobly higher so less voltage drop during starting

    Just gotta hope it starts normally as the optimas will drop off way quicker under extended cranking

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