Steelie Hubcaps to fit 240,140

turvolvo_kidNav @turvolvo_kid Lismore NSW
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140 caps $60 for the set

2 sets of 240 caps $60 each

more 240 and 140 sets available

willing to post

located Lismore


  • They're all 240 caps actually, the small centre caps for 140's have external tabs that get held down by the wheel nuts.

    Those were used on some '75-'77 DL models. They clip to the hubs/axles and can also be used on 700/900 series with steel wheels.

  • By the rim rather, not the wheel nuts.

  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL @1971_144GL Launceston, Tasmania

    Hi Angus, do you have any idea if the small caps here will work with the early ATS wheel? I fitted 240 hubs and solid rotors to my 64 1800 resulting in a need for a custom larger grease cap. These look deeper than the standard wheel caps. Do you have any idea if they fit the ATS wheels from that mid 70's period?

  • The small stainless caps pictured here clip to a groove in the hub, which is present on all 200/700/900 series, but you need to be using steel wheels in order for this groove to be exposed. Alloys are much thicker and cover the centre of the hub, and some or all of the grease cap.

    There is a plastic cap that sits proud of the centre of the wheel, and fits over the grease cap in some applications. Original application was '79 model 260's, being a one year only part they are pretty thin on the ground, but if you can find some and they are the right diameter for the ATS wheels, they should do the job.

    I can probably get a pic of some in a couple of days time.

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