850 850 Exhaust photos

HI all i am going to get a full exhaust made soon for My 97 V70 T5 I am chasing any photos of 90s period BTCC 850s exhaust rear end as i want it to look right for the car. I have found couple of photos on line but if any one else had some or any suggestions its much appreciated Tom


  • I always used to laugh at 90's exhausts ie 4" tail pipes . Biggest i had back then was 2 1/2 but loved the outward roll . The other week i found myself looking through ebay at 4" tail pipes after a few beers . I bottled it at the 4 and bought a 3.5 for shits n giggles. Anyway a few grinds making shimms and exhaust paste i put it on . Kinda suits it ...

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