240 New to me 242GT radiator hose replacements

Hi everyone,

Excited to have a new to me 1980 242GT. The plan is to use the car as a weekend treat for drives around NSW and perhaps beyond.

The car looks to have been in a rally/bash/something at some point as there's a custom bash plate fitted and I discovered a CB coax when looking into the wiring. The car is running OK, but will likely have its fair share of gremlins.

But on to the issue at hand. The other day the temp started increasing and I noticed the telltale fluro green puddle under the car. A few squeezes of the radiator hose revealed a leak from the block to the firewall (which I now know is through to the heater core). I replaced the hose with a close fit from supercheap (commodore heater hose for memory) as there were no 240 pieces available.

The rest of the radiator hoses look quite hold with surface cracks appearing in the rubber so I think a full replacement makes sense. Any suggestions on whether to go with a silicone kit or the original rubbers? Best suggestions for where to source?

Cheers and thanks in advance for the help with the many questions to follow over the years.


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