S/V/C70 P80 98/99 differences, or more importantly similarities

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Okay, so I've acquired a very low KLM 98 S70 parts car for my 3 p80 cars (all MY 96-98). Unfortunately this car is built date AUG98 and seems the MY99 had started by August! So the 20V N/A motor is the later coil on plug type found in P2 vehicles, tonnes of other stuff different, everything DENSO ETC. I stupidly thought that the electronic throttle body was the main change with the MY99

Thought at least the driveshafts would be the same, different part number!

So hoping a P80 expert might be able to tell me what major parts are actually interchangeable: steering rack? Transmission? Etc etc. I assume there were no suspension changes, but who knows.

So little seems useful to me asa parts car I may as well repair the bloody car. Anyone got a complete P80 front bumper and LH fender/indicator in silver?

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