850 NA intake on an R

I know I've asked before but cant find it

I have this

Apart from the obvious take apart and clean why won't this just bolt on with it's parts on ?

Is it actually worth doing to an R ?

If someone could point me to the parts to buy I'm willing to give it a go .



  • Oh , just in case, its from a 96 850 SE

  • I have the silicon joiner you will need to run with the larger throttle body and stock intercooler piping (not rip kit)

    That versionhas variable length intake runners so you would be better off porting the turbo intake to suit the larger n/a throttle body


  • Thanks for the response but i have not a clue what you said in the 2nd paragraph.

    Unfortunately im running a rip kit also .

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld

    That manifold is not the one you want. I assume that is a 10v manifold.

    The 20v NA manifold and the stock 850R manifold are essentially identical apart from the size of the hole for the throttle body. You would be better boring the hole out of your standard manifold and bolting on the bigger throttle.

  • Interesting you say about the minimal difference between a na and the R . Think I'll probably give it a miss then . Oh the one in the picture is from a 20v

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    edited August 2019

    ok, must be the early dual runner type 20v manifold.

    the only real difference is the size of the throttle, it is significantly bigger, the hole in the manifold prevents you just fitting the bigger one as it fouls when the pedal is pressed. You can fit the entire NA manifold and throttle or port out the Turbo manifold and bolt the NA throttle on, either way works fine.

    This is the correct one if you wish to fit the entire NA manifold

    Size difference

  • Aahhhh I'm there now , cought up lol . Bit of a learning curve for me these turbo cars , never messed with one in the past . It's all about the throttle etc . I see now . That last picture has cleared it up for me . Thank you for that .

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    And on the NA TB is has a plastic thing rivettedon,you take it off and silver solder the holes.

  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    edited August 2019

    Option 1. Remove plastic thing from butterfly and silver solder holes

    Option 2. Remove butterfly and fit one from a 960.

    Option 3. The easiest option, Leave the plastic thing there, knowing it could be costing you .5% of your airflow at full throttle but gaining a nicer feeling throttle at light pedal.

    I went with option 1 but if I was doing it again I would have no issue going with option 3

    BTW, here is a pic that shows a turbo manifold opening on the right, and a ported turbo manifold on the left, the NA manifold opening is very similar in size to left one. The retaining bolts for the throttle are identical, meaning it is a bolt on modification once the hole is big enough.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Make or but new gasket.

  • Thank you gentleman for the replys it's appreciated. I did notice when i had mine off last year that it has a nylon gasket arond 10 -15mm between the manifold and head ..

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    That gasket they call a spacer,supposedly to stop heat but I call it a waste of money.

    The amount of heat in a P80 turbo bay can cook a roast dinner with all trimmings,no way the nylon does anything. A water cooler intake,from the inside! Water or meth injection on boost.....

    I had a turbo off an 850T5 that was converted to lpg, a ring welded to turbo with jet in it,another up near maf. One worked on full throttle with solenoid for each. I imagine it made for super cooled intake and he said it was a beast!

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