140 73 144GL steering centre link size

Mark_Walton56JB (@Mark_Walton56) Springwood Blue Mountains

Hi there, just received my IPD new centre link for my 73 144 and it is significantly longer than the one I just took out, fortunately I can reuse my old one and change over the rod ends but am a bit bemused, we’re there two different sizes?


  • Refer to 1973 parts catalog, Grupp 6, Page 16 and drawing KA 6617.

    There are two types of tie rod - ALT 1 and ALT 2.

    ALT 1 type has a male threaded ball joint which fits into a female thread on the tie rod.

    ALT 2 type has a male threaded tie rod, which fits onto a female thread at the ball joint.

    Both should be adjustable for length at one end.

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