Parts wanted for 740 850

Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney
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740 1989

expansion tank cap ( what pressure are they? Can you supply?)

Cold air intake ; injector seals ;

850 NA 1996

cold air intake

all convoluted hoses visible

850 turbo manual 1996

cold air intake

all convoluted hoses visible

coolant and oil lines/hoses to the turbo

black leather power driver's seat in good condition


  • With the 740 I explained you'll need a black 75kpa cap. You can still use the original 150kpa cap, but expect excessive cooling system pressure problems (especially plastic parts of the cooling system can crack and leak more so in summer heat)

    Injector seals can be purchased online or from the volvo dealer

    What's the cold air intake for?

  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney

    RR - the 740 is in Wagga. My son took it to a mechanic to establish why it was losing coolant He was told that the cap was the wrong pressure (75 kpa) hence the need to get the higher rated cap. I'm told the 850 green caps are 150kpa. Maybe the black cap is faulty or was not screwed on properly.

    I ordered 3 sets of injector seals (i.e.3x8 seals). They sent 6 0-rings !!

    Don't fuss


  • First up if the cap is not tight it will leak, but I wouldn't be blaming the 75kpa cap pressure. Did the mechanic do a cooling system pressure test? Where was it leaking coolant from?

  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney


    An unanswered question until I get back to Wagga next Friday or Monday. I could not locate a leak last week - however Honourable Youngest Son was adding premix so I suspect a too low BP and that a flush out and a 50:50 mix will be the solution. Tiny

  • My 940T uses a green cap, as does my 940 NA.

    A coolant pressure test on the 940T showed up a knackered heater tap, which was leaking coolant.

    The cactus heater tap was replaced with a Gates tap for a VT Commodore, which has 4 ports. Under vacuum in this configuration, the tap both isolates the heater core, as well as providing a coolant return to the head. The standard configuration just stops coolant flow to the heater core under vacuum and doesn't provide any flow back to the head.

    The standard config is a nice way to cook and melt your engine on a very hot day when you engage Recirculation, because this is when vacuum is applied to the heater tap.

  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney

    A thoughtful contribution - many thanks. Tiny

  • A Holden Commodore VN V8 heater valve (two port) also works

    I'm have no idea why Volvo changed to the green and grey 150kpa caps in the 740 and 940 (especialliy with the larger radiator) if anything they should all have black 75kpa caps. The lower pressure prolongs the life of the radiator end tanks, heater valve, heater core, hoses and transmission cooler from premature cookage

    The first thing I do to my cars is put on a 75kpa cap

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