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S/V/C70 Ceramic Coating

Hi all i just have had a few things Ceramic coated i thought i would share a few photos as i am very happy with the work. Double coat of black on the out side and a single coat on the inside of grey. Next on the list is a custom 3inch DP and exhaust to suit my turbo and manifold.


  • TzantushkaTrent (@Tzantushka) E. suburbs - Melbourne

    Oooh - nice.

    Out of curiosity for us Eastern Seaboarders...

    • where and how much?
  • Could also do the heat shields....

    What size is your turbo?

  • CiC hi performance and industrial coaters Welshpool WA was about 180 for rear housing and 220 for manifold . Its an 18T i did it because i couldnt find a heatshield for the later R manifold so this was the next best option and looks better than semi rusted manifold and rear housing.

  • And going to whole new exhaust so even if it dosnt go fast it will look good lol

  • @VolvoMike what are thoes heat shields off As if i can get part No's for heat sheilds to suit S60R mani i would hapily buy a set as i am pretty sure my 1997 V70 ones wont fit

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