740 & 760 Curious what's the warning light for?

RomerJon17Ansett Driver (@RomerJon17) Frankston, Melbourne
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When I was adjusting the speedo-metre like five times. I've noticed two bulbs were missing which are the dim headlights and weird sausage boiling up? I put the bulbs in, both of them are working and I'm curious about light number two. It lights up on POST.


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    The first red lamp is not connected which is why some markets leave out the light globe. They use the same instrument cluster for all markets but add or remove lamps based on where the car is being delivered to.

    The green lamp is for headlights

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC

    Further to @ramrod ‘s comment, I’ve never seen the 2nd light (“headlights”) illuminated on a 2/7/9 series in OZ...I’m wondering if that to was only used in specific markets. Has anyone here got one that has this light come on when the lights or DRLs are on? The “sausage boiling up” one (LOL) looks like it might be a high exhaust temp indicator which I think may have been a requirement for the Japanese market, but I could be wrong.

  • Yes I have a 740 and the green light comes on with the headlights

  • RomerJon17Ansett Driver (@RomerJon17) Frankston, Melbourne
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    On the headlight knob has a same symbol as on the Daytime Running Light warning light symbol. I have DRS remain on at all times (which is legal in Victoria).

    The instrument dashboard is a second hand pulled out from 1990 Volvo and I found it has number 5 symbol, when wet symbol, choke symbol and lambda sond.

    I looked at Volvo 740 cold start and I saw two videos with DRS symbol lights up in Finland.

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC

    Interesting. I’m aware that the DRL (daytime running lights) are on some of the AUS 240s (including an 88 sedan we had) and others, but I’ve never seen one that had the green DRL symbol illuminated on the dash while driving...that’s all I was saying. A lot of the newer cars have that green symbol illuminated on the dash if the DRLs or lights are switched on.

  • RomerJon17Ansett Driver (@RomerJon17) Frankston, Melbourne

    It's strange my Volvo 740 GL is built in 1988 October and released in 1989. I looked at the 1989 manual provided in the glove box. It shows few warning lights are not use (that includes DRL symbol, Lambda Sond symbol, Choke symbol, 5th gear overdrive symbol and When Wet symbol) on the original instrument dashboard was fitted in my Volvo 740 GL originally 240,000KM.

    Surprisingly the 1990 instrument dashboard with exhaust sensor symbol and DRL symbol works on 1988 - 89 Volvo!

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