140 Early 145 heater fan motor

OK, back story, noticed the heater fan motor in my 68 145 isn’t working, so a while back somebody on here or FB generously sent me a 164 fan to mess with. Finally got around to it and turns out the bushings on the motor shaft are worn oblong so when power is applied to the motor, it just moves over and the rotor touches the stator (like a magnetic force I guess). I pulled it apart to have a look...wondering if I can get some small bearings to replace the bushings? Anyone ever done this before? I haven’t pulled the motor out of my car yet as I thought it would be good to have a working one to swap in once I get around to it. I see Skandix will rebuild them swapping in a newer style motor, but the cost is ridiculous. Thoughts?


  • About 45 years ago the bearings in the 145 wore out. The car was just out of warranty and the dealer wanted about $500 to replace the entire heater unit.

    Not to be beaten, I pulled the heater out and found that the bearings had little or no lube and were chewed out looking very much in the above picture.

    I took the motor to the local power tool company who machined the housing and put in ball bearings normally used in a router. It worked very well for only $35 plus the time I took to frig around. BTW the router bearings are designed to give years of service at 22k rpm.

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC

    Hi Laurie - thanks for the tip-off. Will look into it but I suppose these days when a router goes bad they just turf it and buy a new one since they’re so cheap...so places that repair them may no longer exist!!

  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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    There will be bearings available, or rebush. Chances of a bearing to suit are good, depending on the OD.

    Electric motor rebuilders, power tool repairers, pump repair?

    Bearing sellers should have bushing material available.

    We have them in Tasmania, there must be survivors in Vic.

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC

    I like the idea of machining the housing to accept bearings. Looks like there are many small router etc bearings available so I need to find an appropriate size and see about getting the housing machined out. The housing currently accepts the bushes, which are sort of rounded. It might be able to fit a smaller bearing in without machining the housing, but not sure how it would seat in there. I guess these must be “oil-lite” bearings or something as there’s a tiny bit of felt strip around each one that I assume was oiled from the factory? Interesting! I am surprised how tight the clearance is between the rotor and stator, so everything will need to line up OK. Hopefully I didn’t damage anything on this one beating the fan off the shaft with a hammer and punch! At least I can use it as spare parts for my original one if need be!

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