S/V40 Question on Wiring Diagram interpretation "A:42"

Hi People,

I have the wiring diagrams for the S40 2007 onwards.

I am not clear on the meaning of the following code: a letter followed by a number that occurs at the connection points for the electrical distribution. E.g. "A:42"

See diagram:

How do I interpret the marked letter and number?




  • 4/56 is one of the cem plug/connectors

    A is identifying which plug/connector on the cem and 42 is pin number on that connector.

    Are you chasing a particular problem?

    3/1 is start control unit?

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    Thanks Tim.

    I want to retro-fit an AUX port, as the car did not come with one. It is a 2011 S40 T5 with the standard Performance sound system (single CD player), no AUX option. So no AUD amp, just the IAM (Integrated Audio Module).

    Comparing with the diagrams for the High Performance/Premium sound system, it appears that the AUX port plugs directly into the IAM. So, I just want to physically check if the IAM on my car has the necessary plug/pins or wiring that I can use to add the AUX port.

    The above diagram was a random page. I'll post the pages I am referring to below. 126, 127, 130, 131

  • I don't know if what I am trying to do will work. I am hoping it may be as simple as a "plug and play". But I fear the ICM (Infotainment Control Module) may need a software update to activate the AUX. Hoping it doesn't.

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