15G/16T, 940 Turbo Airbox, Washer bottle + pump

deNsdeNs (@deNs) Melbourne, VIC
edited September 12 in Wanted

👋 Looking for some parts that I'm missing for my 940 build. Specifically looking for the following:

  • 940 Turbo Airbox - Just the box, don't need the MAF
  • Washer bottle + pump
  • Bonnet latch hardware - the bits that are connected to the cable release
  • TD04 15G/16T - Contemplating switching from the 13C straight off instead of upgrading later. Probably more of a 'want' than a 'need' 😂

If you have any other 940 turbo bits that might be of interest, let me know. My skandix/IPD list is looking scary at the moment.

Given the parts will mostly be bulky and/or heavy, might be easier if it's pickup-only for the big/heavy stuff. Located in Gippsland, VIC but happy to travel to Melb + surrounding.

Edit: got all the bits I need above except the bonnet latch, thanks for the people that reached out :)


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