[sold][facebook][NSW] 740 turbo wagon - $2500

pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW
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<p>a mate is selling his 740 turbo wagon he doesnt use the forum so thought i would throw it on here for those who havent seen it .<p><br></p></p><p>"For sale is my auto 1989 volvo 740 turbo</p><p> 289xxx ks (these things are renowned for their reliability at high ks ive seen a couple with 750xxx+)</p><p> Currently has an issue with fuel, sometimes it starts but once the car gets hot it will not start once you turn it off or if you drive for long enough it will eventually stall </p><p> Has just had a completely refurbished head 500ks ago and all new gaskets etc spent about $1300 on the head + other parts associated or that were worth doing whilst it was taken apart (have receipt for head) </p><p> Full service at the same time as head was done oil filter fuel filter and all fluids incl trans fluid</p><p> Just replaced steering rack, needs an alignment</p><p> Has an oil leak from the turbo return where it sits in the block, just needs new o-ring</p><p> Bride reps drivers and passenger seat (adr approved)</p><p> Auto technica steering wheel & boss kit </p><p> Boost guage in place of aircon vent runs 12-14 psi </p><p> Exhaust dumped at diff</p><p> Welded diff (awesome fun in the wet) </p><p> Roofliner is gone its just got that foamy shit on it</p><p> Factory 7 seater (registered as 5 seater idk why probably cheaper) but load your mates in the back and go dose at cunts all day</p><p> Comes with 4 gold mesh rims (front tires need replacing soon, rears are worse) </p><p> Also 4 stockies </p><p> Its got just under a months rego</p><p> Bring a trailer or a tow truck idc just come take it $2500 neg</p><p> Im selling because im getting a new car and i cant be fucked playing with this thing anymore</p><p> Note: this thing is far from immaculate, has some panel damage (see photos) </p><p> You can maybe test drive it, just not far because im not pushing it home</p><p> Any more questions just ask"<p><br></p></p><p>link below </p><p><a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/614536875329657/permalink/2265934813523180/?sale_post_id=2265934813523180"; rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/groups/614536875329657/permalink/2265934813523180/?sale_post_id=2265934813523180</a></p>;


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