[sold][NSW] 1996 Volvo 850R wagon - auto - black - $5000

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It's time to move my wagon on. I do love it, but I'm trying to buy a home and the 850 suffers from not being a 240 like my other three cars, and so costs me a proportionately large amount of money to run and maintain.

The body is in generally good condition with no major dents to speak of. The clearcoat on the bonnet is gone, though as it's a solid black this is not immediately obvious. The wheels are fully refurbished Volans painted Green. There is some rust under the windscreen liner in the top left and right corners, which has been sealed by a windscreen shop. I went out and sourced replacement panel offcuts for a body shop to weld in but as it hasn't caused any dramas since being sealed I haven't bothered to act. I'll include those offcuts anyway.

It has 332,000-odd km on it, the head and transmission have both been overhauled in the past so it runs well and reads about a 145psi compression on all cylinders, so plenty of life still in it.

I have rebuilt most of the suspension, including the control arms, tie rods and ends, sway bar drop links, spring seats and strut upper bearings, however the front shocks are showing signs of leaking. They are Koni Sport adjustable shocks and can be rebuilt (@AshDVS offers this service I believe). In spite of the leak they are still functioning properly.

It has the upgraded 302mm front brakes with new OE pads and HEL braided lines. The rear rotors are also pretty new with new A1RM pads (I originally ran A1RM pads on the front but ditched them as they were unbelievably noisy).

It has new Bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline RE003 tyres all around.

I recently pulled apart the entire dash and repaired the usual cracked mounting tabs, and fixed some of the blend doors that were not opening/closing properly, as well as replacing all the sealing foam around the vents, so it blows well and quietly.

The front air dam has quite a few cracks in it. I have repaired it in the past but really it needs a professional to plastic weld it up or something beyond my abilities.

The interior is quite well presented, I have replaced all the broken bits of trim and have added Dynamat in various places to improve the cabin experience.

AC runs cold but needs to be regassed periodically (about annually).

Radiator, heater core, coolant lines, transmission cooler lines, oil cooler lines are all pretty much brand new.

Cap and rotor are new, it runs iridium spark plugs which work just fine. V70 tail lights and spoiler.

I've added the IPD pod filter kit which looks nice, and silicone intercooler hoses from DO88.

It has a Kenwood head unit with Bluetooth.

Comes with a bicycle rack and two sets of roof racks (OE Volvo ones and an aftermarket set) as well as snow chains.

tl;dr the car runs and drives well. Would suit someone who just wants to drive an 850R or someone who is looking for a restoration candidate that isn't going to put up too many fights.

Asking a firm $5000

Full album of photos here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipONBCcZlwEpl0GZYfPOoTQRekPTPj32_WCJTUKdin16Mc1exs2PfwHrp4fPkS35OQ?key=bE1pS0ZENktZR3JOd0xpYUpmTlZzUzlhUEFFVnJn



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