SU Carby Choke Cable Outer Holding Clamp

jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania

Need a clamp assembly for the choke cable on HSU6.

Circled in the attached pic.

Also need a choke cable end clamp, the shiny clamp with the PH screw head in the same attached picture at the cable inner where it locates on the pull lever.

My 122s is missing all sorts of small parts, there's more to come!

There's the odd larger part needed too....


  • I don't recall those at all. Try a cable end from your local bicycle store. Should be around 10c ea.

  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
    edited July 2019

    Nothing like that at a bicycle shop. Bicycle cable end clamps are different.

    These thread through the bracket.

    The parts are genuine, would've been on140 series fitted with dual SU carbys.

  • If anyone gets into this same predicament...

    Remove those stupid cable holders, they'll pull out with a twist backward and forward.

    Forget the expensive clamps and buy late model clamps which grasp the outer end of the cable. Problem solved, cheaper than the clamps.

    part number 419452

    While you're at it, if the inner cable is stuffed it's 1.50mm control cable, costs about $2 per metre.

    If you have double choke cables, just buy 2 metres of 5.00mm OD and 1.50mm ID solid control cable, calculate the lengths you need for each cable run, cut the outer then do a 450 degree circle around a piece of 6mm or 1/4" round and cut to length after fitting.

    You have just made an expensive cable for probably less than $10 and didn't have to wait.

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