S/V60 P3 D5 S60 fuel pump failure?

I'm hoping somebody might have some information on this, as I can't find anything directly related to my issue.
I have a 2010 D5 S60 which recently stopped on me shortly after leaving work.
Found the fuel pump fuse to be blown (No.13/20A fuse), replaced the fuse and it was back up and running. Next day the fuse blew straight away, and does so now consistently.
It looks to me like the in-tank fuel pump has died and is drawing a lot of amps. But I cannot find a single similar case of this with this model, and no parts suppliers can give me a price on a new pump, let alone having one in stock (haven't tried the dealer yet). What's the chance that it isn't the pump? Cheers, Jordan.


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    Pretty common failure ive seen a few d5 s60 and xc90 failures. The lift pump usually burns out the wiring loom at the same time.
    Fairly large job to replace as you need to drop the fuel tank out from underneath as theres no access from above.
    I think the dealer has a repair kit available for the wiring loom. Ill try and get you a part number tomorrow.

  • Thanks for the quick response Tim. I just pulled the rear seat base out to find that the access holes are way too small to remove the sender unit - bugger! I can see it being a pain in the arse to drop the tank on my driveway but I guess that's my only option. If you're able to get a part number of the repair kit and a pump that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 😁
  • Ive done them on the hoist and they're a pain but would never attempt on a driveway!
    Main issues are you need to drop the rear subframe a fair bit to get the exhaust out of your way. The exhaust is all one piece from the flange of the particle filter to the rear muffler.
    If its awd its even worse as the fuel tank sits over/above the nose of the diff a decent amount and has to come out on an angle.
    You may have to completely remove the rear subframe assembly as you wont be able to hang the exhaust down enough to get the tank out.

  • Well this is pretty cringeworthy, but I didn't have much of a choice. Cut a hole in the floor pan above the fuel sender unit and pulled it out. I have no idea why the manufacturer couldn't put a bloody access hole there in the first place! I'll be patching it up nicely with sheet metal and silicone. Anyway.. As expected the fuel pump has drawn too much current before failure and has melted the power wires within the connector to the point where they've come together and shorted out. Looks like a complete sender unit is in order!6xpsfpzt9yuu.jpg
  • I wish i could do this with customer cars! Whats the other side of the fuel sender connector like? If it looks remotely burnt youll want to at least re-pin the pump supply wire
  • we can't do that tim but would be nice, as have done a few and not lowered the rear end.
  • we can't do that tim but would be nice, as have done a few and not lowered the rear end.

    I know you dont have to do that on a hoist but would probably have to if attempted on jackstands in the driveway
  • Ive decided to repair the wires and will see how the pump goes. At least if it fails in the near future I can easily get it out again and replace if need be.

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