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240 The Wife's 240 Turbo...

Currently the wife drives a 92 240 Wagon. Has a 93 B230fx from a 93 sedan.

Runs sweet as a nut but I know she wants more poke! We are also going around Oz to some extent later this year and Im not used to cars having to slow on hills! (Got plenty more excuses to turbo it btw!)

Bought a 95 940s write off from Gumtree last week and have got my mechanic to take on the +T on the 240.

There is another thread in the general section but I thought I would start a thread for the conversion here for reference and photos etc.

Checklist of things to +t the b230fx in the 240. Keep in mind this is an LH2.4 equipped car as is the 940.

- mod the down pipe and flip the steering UJ
- Run an oil drain
- move the maf wiring
- 740 alloy intercooler
- Electronic boost controller/gauge
- Plan to fit 2.5in exhaust with big mufflers to keep it quiet
- have the orange High impedance 850 injectors
- swap computers
- Plumb radiator and intercooler.

Using the 740 alloy cooler wont allow me to run the stock pipes when Im a bit bummed about unless Im missing something?

Other than the modification of the mounts slightly and the cutting of the fan shroud are there any other caveats to the conversion?

We want to run the accumulator mod and Im wondering if there is a reference to the dimensions required for the bolts/shafts to be made to? It looks a simple job and worth it for the long run.

We dont have the 940 yet so are hoping to start within the next month. The car has to go in for repairs to the rear quarter as someone bumped it. Once that is done it goes to get its hairdryer.

Its in for new brakes and wheel bearings this week. They are almost down to nothing on pad depth.

Are there any other beneficial parts from the 940 other than the E fan we should be swapping?

Once the conversion is done its all up for grabs before it gets scrapped I would imagine. (The 940)



  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    edited July 2019
    Well, if you run the 740 IC with the inlet/outlet at the top of the IC, you need the corresponding pipes. I think the parts car you have will use the IC with the inlet/outlet about half way up the end-tank. So you just need whatever pipes came with the IC you intend to use.

    You should also grab the brackets that hold the IC and rad in place, and also the rubber feet that go below the rad/IC, as these will fit on the 240 with minimal work (basically just bending the top mounts a bit).

    Regarding the accumulator mod, I've done it before, and it's simple to measure in-place. I just bought a length of threaded rod and cut it up as needed. Here's a guide for the rest of the process: https://ozvolvo.org/discussion/4096/aw70-71-72-valve-body-disassembly

    The pistons all have springs under them. You want to cut the rod so that it is the same length as the unloaded spring, but cut the rod 1mm shorter to ensure adequate clearance. Don't stress over the length too much, as long as it's not longer than the spring it'll be fine. If it's a touch too short it will also be fine. If you cut it way too short then you will just get a reduced effect, your shifts will still be stock-like. The end result is really nice, it's not uncomfortable, the car just makes clean, crisp shifts.

    You'll also want to take the T-hose that goes from the coolant bottle to the radiator in the 940 as this will be used as the coolant feed (return?) hose for the turbo. The other one plumbs into the lower rad hose, I think.
  • About that T-hose - if you'e planning a trip around OZ in the car, you might want to get a new one. Old ones get pretty tired after 20 years. The part number is 3547149-9 (presuming A/C) . FCP Euro stocks them, and Do88 do silicone versions too (as part of kit 10).
  • Great info.

    Ill make sure we have a good look at the T when we do the job. Seems like a cheap part to prevent any dramas.

    Cheers for the heads up on the accumulator mod. Ill suss it out.

    Looking forward to driving it!

  • Just confirming these are the correct computers from the 940 for the conversion

  • My mechanic is also asking if the Aw71L from the 940 is a straight forward swap and a better box than the aw70 fitted.

    I said yes but hes wants the ozvolvo approval.

    Cheers in advance.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    You got a silver box EZK, that's a fairly rare ignition computer, it can be chipped

  • Ok nice to know. Will just be running a touch more boost 8-10psi to start with.

    Anyone want to comment on the transmission? Im guessing its a straight swap?

    Cheers again. Cam

  • AW71L is a straight swap and a better box. But make sure you use the AW71L's torque converter - they do not interchange between lockup and non-lockup.

  • Excellent. Thanks for the confirmation. Ive passed on the message so shes now off to get a through degrease and potentially the accumulator mod along the way.


  • Turbo and manifold cleaned up.

    Car is still at the repairers. Hoping to get it back this coming week. Im in Japan until Sunday so fingers crossed its before then!

    Have located 740 intercooler pipework to fit the alloy IC thanks VQ.

    The FX is coming out to have the sump off, drilled and tap the oil return and hook up the feed. My mechanic is very thorough so looking forward to seeing how he sorts it out. He has been trawling over this and other volvo sites to get ideas.

    Not much of an update but something to keep us alive!

  • Good job getting the engine and trans out in one piece with no balance bar and not removing the front end panel or bonnet! :)

  • A 531 head on an L-block, nice.

    I see you have the sump off - does it have squirters, or just bolts where they should go?

  • Thats the mechanic (Huw) doing all the work not me!

    Ill get him to have a look. Its a 93 block so assuming it will do.

    Whats an L block?

  • Its got Squirters

  • An L block is the type of block you've taken out of the car - they were prepared to be equipped for oil squiters. See those little dimples on the oil gallery, below the gaps in between the welsh plugs? (One is directly above the letter 'B' in the 'B230' cast into the block). That's where the block has been prepared for fitting oil jets for cooling the bores, AKA squirters. Generally, the squiters were fitted to engines that had round tooth timing belts, while others only had bolts where the squirters were meant to go.

  • Thanks for the info. Just spoke with Huw and he says it has squirters.

  • Bonus for you.

  • Yea looks like it.

    It was apparently one of the customer ordered ‘performance upgrade) engines that volvo sold here. 531 vx3 etc.

  • What's the engine number B230FB or B230FX?
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