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360 R3d Block Coffee table

I'm going to make a redblock coffee table with my old 360 b19e block. I've started the initial clean and have a few idea's, which I hope will work out well.

I'm leaving the pistons and crank in the block.



  • Cleaned up the pistons and deck and even gave the bores a light hone😂. I have some more cleaning to do and then I'll be doing some welding and painting.

  • CanoeCanoe (@Canoe) Sydney,NSW.
    If you are going to leave the pistons in, put them in a lathe and put some interesting designs on the top of them with "machine turning" tools...or acid etch/sanblast some pics of volvo's on them.
    Stensils for sandblasting are easy enough to cut out yourself.
    You might be able to put the volvo emblem onto the raised part. :-)
    Or lathe the entire top part flat...and then sandblast the volvo logo onto the entire flat area.
  • @Canoe that's a very cool idea. I don't think Im going to go to that effort yet. I can always take the pistons out and do it at a later time. Thanks for the cool idea.
  • edited July 8
    Pulled the pistons from the other block and cleaned them ready for painting.
    Wire brushed block and sand papered any flaking paint.


    I'll hold off posting pics from now until I've completed the project.
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Better put new rings and bearings through it while it's apart, ohh,and seals,you don't want oil on the lounge room floor!
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