XC90 Turbo Boost Control Valve location

Hi Guys,

As the discussion title suggests can anyone tell me exactly where the Turbo Boost control valve is located on a 2003 XC90 2.5T AWD please ? a picture would help a lot : ) I have a replacement coming and would like to know where it is.

Thank you Andrew


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    Tcv is mounted to the side of the airbox under the maf area.
    Follow the three vacuum hoses (top one has red tape) to the tcv

  • Thank you.

    Found it , previous owner had left it dangling down amongst the hoses to radiator and it was also unattached/disconnected : ) hence the code error.

    I've seen some youtube vids where they have rerouted them away from the turbo ( different XC90 model ) hence my confusion when mine wasn't where it was supposed to be attached to the air filter box.

    Got a new one coming so will be an easy change over now I know where it is. Thank you

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