[eBay] 940 Turbo Wagon being wrecked

deNsdeNs (@deNs) Melbourne, VIC

I was tempted to buy this when it was for sale early last year. Was kinda kicking myself I decided to go a different route and even sadder when you see a car this clean being parted. Wonder what the story was. From their other listing, looks like they're either probably on here or are a wreckers (or both? ;))


  • I have bought from this seller with no issues. Good seller. Also I think the good bits are gone mate and this was rear ended write off
  • deNsdeNs (@deNs) Melbourne, VIC
    Oh bugger! What a shame :( I decided against buying it because I thought it was too clean for the project I had planned, but oh well. There's not much I'd need at this stage from it I think so it was mostly for other people if someone was looking :+1:
  • What’s your project bud care to share?
  • deNsdeNs (@deNs) Melbourne, VIC
    Not a great deal to share at this stage, but might start a build thread if it gets off the ground :)
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