El Wifeo's Mirage Rally car (aka Mirage Rally Car, Take2).

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The story of this car actually starts back here: https://ozvolvo.org/discussion/4149/the-mirage-rally-car/p1
Bubbling away in the background was the idea of building a really good Mirage - Mivec 2.4, Motec, MCA shocks etc etc.

I bought a really tidy white car that was missing some panels, and another ratty car for the replacement panels (in the correct colour!). I also bought a DIY weld-in cage from Bond Roll Bars and a few other bits.

And then I remembered that I don't have enough spare time and sold it all to a mate.

Said mate fitted the cage, did the 1.8 conversion and a bunch of other work.
Then he got sick - proper, shitty, life-changing sick. :( He advertised it at a silly high price, then a more sensible price, and then at a price that was only marginally more than he'd paid me when he bought it.
El Wifeo saw that ad and rang me with the instruction to buy it back...

So we owned it for a second time.
Thinking about it, my mate's labour would be something like $0.50/hour...

On the down side, he'd absolutely raped it cosmetically. Both the good white bumper bars apparently had been "broken", the lovely white bonnet had been hit with rattle can black that was already flaking off, and a bunch of other stuff that left me shaking my head.






I'm not a shiny-things person, but this made me super twitchy.
Some stuff was just about different priorities, but some of it was just... dumb. I began to speculate about him working on the car full of grog, and am still not certain that this isn't correct.

First step was to paint the silver MR front bumper white:

Then add some 'graphics' to hide the ugliest parts. The front guards had been lipped with a house brick, which is why the stickers go over the wheel arches.


/\ The black loop below the tailgate is the release for the boot latch. AND it has the springs?!
\/ So I ditched the latch and just used the springs.


Then the twitching got too bad, and I bought a $300 Lancer coupe for the front panels. Took the parts I wanted, and got $180 for the wreck as scrap, so that worked out OK.

And re-did the graphics. Running out of vinyl, so a different design to the original...

New Monza winged seats are cheap, and appear to be good quality. The fabric is clearly not up to the standards of a Velo or Sparco, but the rest of them is good. These are a copy of the Sparco ProADV - the genuine Sparco seats are $900~1000 each, the Monzas are ~$750/pair.



I mounted the nav's seat as low and as far back as possible, which meant that the harness bar was too high.
Today I cut and mitered a new harness bar. Obviously still has to be welded in.


The black line is the new harness bar - took me a while, but this was when I know I got it right.

Token bling... Chinabay aluminium bolts. Really only save a token amount of weight, but you know...

Front brakes are CH Lancer, rears are S40. The CH front brakes have the exact same rotor as an Evo3, and appear to use the same pad - but are single piston instead of twin piston of the Evo.


Wheels are early Magna. I assume they're strong because they are bloody heavy...

Also spent some time with the paint pen on the worst of the avoidable paint chips and gouges.

Annnnnnnd here's the real news... I bought a rear bumper from Pick A Part when I was in Melbourne a few weeks back. Finally got around to fitting it today.
The twitching has finally stopped!
The tidy little car I sold, is a tidy little car again!


No photos, but I have also revalved and rebuilt the MCA shocks. I had thought/hoped that I could use S40 rear springs on the MCAs (they are very close to the correct rate), but they're just a bit too big on the coil diameter. I'll order the proper springs tomorrow.



  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
    The next things to do are:
    Weld and paint the navigator's harness bar;
    Fit the Monit trip meter that El Wifeo has bought;
    Cut the urethane sheet for the mudflaps;
    Get an exhaust built.
  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    There has been some progress on this.


    I bought the RallySafe fitting kit and booked it in for a new exhaust next Wednesday. Basically making myself do some work on it so I can drive it onto the trailer on Tuesday.

    The crazy sump guard had to come off. It weighs a ton - bizarre mix of chromoly tune for the frame and 5mm steel plate for the guard itself. No question that the frame and mounts are the weak points!

    So I re-aquatinted myself with the angle grinder...

    The frame weighs 4.5kg, the actual guard .... is .... 23kg!

    Replacing the steel with aluminium should drop the 23kg to about 8kg...

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    Also sikaflexed the gutter molds on. The few clips that weren’t broken from removal, were mostly broken trying to re-install.

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
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    Has exhaust. $754 worth, which seemed like a lot to me: 2” pipe, one muffler, flex join and some flanges.

    Meh, at least it’s done.

    Also had the harness bar welded in. This is a big step forward because now I can refit the nav’s seat and harness, and fit the Rallysafe wiring and rollcage padding.

    Still waiting for the Monit (trip meter) plug and probe. Close to ringing and hassling.

    The list of Things To Do is now mercifully short. I was actually quite surprised at how few things are left to do.

    Edit: And some of those things have been crossed off the list already...

  • TzantushkaTrent @Tzantushka E. suburbs - Melbourne

    Impressive work!

    So what's the total inventory of rally cars?

    • dead?
    • alive?
  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
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    Four in total.

    The original BMW is good to go.

    The Mirage is nearly finished.

    The 940 project has just started.

    Red Gemini is somewhere between the 940 and the Mirage.

    Yellow Gemini is rooted and is parts only (and therefore not counted).


    Got a bit done before the heat pushed me inside (at 9:40am...).

    I have previously wondered when I would be able to drill a hole in an otherwise pristine roof without flinching. Seems like today was the day...

    /\ This is the RallySafe antenna. It is a pretty cool system for tracking rally cars, particularly useful when people crash.

    The wiring for RallySafe is always a PITA to make neat. I am getting better at it, but still not totally happy with how tidy it is.

    The wires can’t be between the rollcage and the body, in case they get cut in a crash.

    You can also see the rollcage padding has been fitted, and sort-of see that the intercom has also been fitted (the black wires going outward on the hoop are for the intercom).

    When the car was on the trailer yesterday, I realised that the driver’s seat was tilted outward.

    The solution was easy: a strip of 10mm aluminium that has been hanging around my shed for about ten years now was fitted under the outboard mount.

    This also lifts the seat slightly as well as moving the driver’s head toward the centre of the car. Enough that I reckon my helmet is going to be too close to the rollcage... But it is better for El Wifeo, so...

    Something I had forgotten about, was how far inboard the seats are. The photo shows about 100mm gap between the rollcage and the seat, which provides a useful extra safety margin if the car goes sideways into something solid. There is also about 50mm between the door and the intrusion bars, which also helps.

    You can also just see that the intrusion bars curve slightly outward. The theory is that it makes them stronger in a big sideways impact because trying to bend them inwards requires the whole lot to extend, against the natural tendency to shorten.

    I can see positives and negatives to this, and don’t honestly know if the theory works in practice but it does give you more room in the car.

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