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[sold] Modded 850 T5 with some rear end damage

edited June 2019 in RADAR

So, my 850 got rear ended about month ago and the insurance company paid me out for it. The car is now up for auction at Pickles if anyone is interested. I'd buy it myself but my wife has said a definite "NO" as she believes me and 850s are jinxed. Hopefully someone here will pick it and get some use out of it.

Damage that I am aware of:

Tailgate - badly dented and would not open. Didn't try and force it as it went to insurance for appraisal.
Rear bumper - will need replacing.
Tow hitch - well, the picture speaks for itself.
Exhaust - possible knocked loose as there was a rattling while driving home after accident.
Rear right hand door - fussy about closing. loose catch I think.
Passenger door - wouldn't open from inside vehicle.
Also the upper windscreen moulding needs.
Front seats need replacing/reupholstering.

And a list of responses from the ODBII:

A1 — Transmission
134 Faulty load signal from ignition control module
143 Kickdown switch faulty or short to ground
223 Throttle position (TPS) sensor signal too low

A2 — Fuel System
231 Long term fuel trim, part load
514 Engine cooling fan low speed signal

A3 — ABS
111 No DTC set
A6 — Ignition

A7 — Combined Instrument (Trip Computer)
113 Fuel gauge open circuit
121 Temp. sensor interval too short
122 Temp. sensor interval too long

B1 — Electronic climate control
212 Driver’s side damper motor position sensor shorted to earth

B2 — Cruise Control
122 Speed has not exceeded 22mph or no speed signal

B5 — SRS
111 No fault detected

Odometer is about 2k out as far as I am aware, unless there were issues before I bought it.

Okay, so the mods/upgrades:

Ultra Racing front and rear sway bars
Ultra Racing front and rear, upper and lower braces
Koni Sports suspension
H&R lowering springs
DVS 320mm front brake upgrade
BSR 3" downpipe and sports catback (previous owner)
R exhaust manifold
Kinguwa 20T turbo
Green Injectors
Kemso 340LPH high perfomance fuel pump
Snaab performance fresh air pipe
Snaab precision turbo control valve
Alloy intercooler
Snow Performance Stage 2 booster cooler (water meth injection)
Halo Headlights
V70 tail lights
Rear wiper arm upgrade/swap
Bluetooth for original stereo
Factory stereo amp
Centre console armrest cup holder (mod)
17" Titans (to fit the larger brakes)
Obligatory Dave Barton prancing moose decals.
The ECU apparently has a BSR tune, I never opened it to confirm though.

(All mods have less than 10k kms on them)

Recently been at GLT to have cam sensor replaced which fixed my rough idle/running issues. Air con was nice and cold the last time I drove it.

If anyone here does buy it, I have the dickie seats for it and the owners manual, just let me know and you can have them.

I also have an ARD "tuned" ECU and a Vast tuned ECU with COP conversion for sale if anyone is interested.


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