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XC90 Hard steering when parking or going very slow

Hi I have a question on the steering in my 2010 xc90 V8, when I'm parking or going really slow and need to fully turn, my steering goes really hard, I noticed in my service book the power steering was replaced 18 months ago and fluid level is good and ended up draining it and replaced it with the green penrite LDAS just to be sure, I noticed online some discussion about greasing up the steering rack, and then some other sites say it's suspension related? I just can locate the steering rack componates/part to lube up on the V8 model I'd really appreciate some advice


  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    PS pump had it? Common fault , or rack....
  • xucid0ovq0fo.jpg
    What?.. So I need a new power steering pump evey 18 months, you can see here what was done, my power steering is fine when I'm normal driving
  • How would I service the rack? If that was a area to look at.. Cheers heaps
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    Often when the pump fails it puts metal through the rest of the system, and damages the steering rack.
    Before going that far though its worth checking the resevoir, i know the 6 cylinders have a filter in the resevoir, on the return line, that gets blocked and causes steering to be heavier at low rpm.
    Do you notice any increased noise from the pump if you turn full lock at idle?
  • Nope, and no shavings in resivor when I changed the fluid, shifened out 800ml, drove around for a month and did the same again
  • Where would I find a filter do you think?
  • The filter is internal to the resevoir so you can try and clean it/ blast it with compressed air from the inside out or replace the resevoir. Depends what syle it is though i dont see many v8s so can't remember which style resevoir they run.
    Usually if its a hydraulic flow restriction you will get an audible whine from the pump so sounds more like steering rack related.
  • Here'si3cbgxbwu295.jpg
    what my resevior looks like, I've jacked up the front to take the load off the wheels and done full lock turns both ways and it's smooth and effortless and only a very slight noise when full lock each way
  • I have been informed that the V8 models don't have a filter in the power steering resivoir
  • Yes they do, I just flushed my 2007 V8 and it is in there. As a side note I was having issues with cavitation on the steering pump in start up like it had low fluid. Turns out some muppet had used the wrong fluid and the Canberra cold was making the oil so thick that it wasn't flowing. A 4l flush of Dex III sorted the problem.
  • I forget what year it was but Volvo swapped from ate to the funky fluid at some point

    (Chf 11s being the stupid stuff)

    Mixing the funky fluid with atf always has bad results

  • 07 should be the new fluid and mixed fluid definitely causes strangeness like this
  • CHF 202 is recommended for xc90 of this year, or penrite LDAS
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Is that for Australian cars?
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