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S/V/C70 Are 2004 V70s prone to any auto transmission issues?

Hi all,

My girlfriend is considering a 2004 v70 se (2.4 L non turbo) with an auto transmission. Fwd 5 speed.

I sort of feel like every second volvo transmission I hear of past the 4 speed in the 850 has frequent and chronic problems. Is this model known to have gearbox issues?

Since these can be so expensive and difficult to fix I wouldn't want to buy a model with a history of failure.



  • Whats her budget? The trans are certainly not as stressed as the turbo awd models but are basically the same box. I would still want to see some history of a trans flush.
    They have the usual p2 issues of strut tops/shocks, engine mounts, breather box, etm
  • Well, her max is about $10K but if she can get something cheaper (even considerably cheaper) that she likes then that's even better. So is the box known to be problematic in the higher power models? I'll check up on the service history of the one she's looking at.

    Basically she wants a wagon, must have leather/sunroof and be auto. Doesn't care about engine performance or sporty handling.
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
  • Agree, though finding a low km Liberty wagon is tricky at least in Gen 5 for those $. But pretty bulletproof. Ignore CVT naysayers, the Subaru box is robust as is the AWD system. Head gasket issues largely apply to 2009 and earlier cars, especially if neglected
  • I got a p3 s80 for $8k. Maybe shoot for p3?
  • Nice condition 2.4i manual c30 will run to the end of the earth and back

    Hyundai i30 (FD) with super low KM in manual or auto

    Lots of Mazda 3 Inc the MPS

  • ^Not wagons
  • Cant go past the subaru wagons, im pretty sure theres i30 wagons around.
    If youre set on volvo its worth checking out the v50s they are much better than the earlier v70/xc70s but a little smaller.
    Also worth checking out the mitsubishi lancer wagons ch onwards with the 2.4L
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    All the mazda 3 auto hatch we see are 2 to 3K overpriced..... Way too many K's too.
    Shitty interiors,dings and scratches, humming rear wheels , auto that hunts.....
    Daughters friend wants one.
  • Liberty wagon with the 3.0 and auto is worth what now?
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