[SOLD] VIC Volvo 740 turbo wagon

JamesMJamesM @JamesM Melbourne
edited January 13 in For sale
1989 740 turbo wagon

The good:
Manual gearbox, 531 head ported with upgraded valve springs, the lost art of chips, DVS adjustable cam gear, whiteline sway bars front and rear, wasted spark ignition, new leads, to4e turbo, kaplhenke coilovers all round, 3" straight through exhaust, bluetooth touchscreen, Davies Craig efan installed.
Dog gate in rear, sounds great and has nice dose and gargle on deceleration.
Comes with 3 x 17" peugeot 407 steelies was going to track down a 4th and build wide wheels for it, walbro 255 intank pump, momo steering hub, spare head, relays, heaps of random spare parts.

The bad:
1st gear crunches a little when cold.
Car is rough around the edges with small scratches and dings but what can you expect for a 30 yo car.
Tear in drivers seat, the usual old car rattles, and speedo just stopped working.
All easy fixes for potential buyer.

On club reg which cannot be transferred.
Will need unregistered permit to drive away.


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