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240 complete diff

Just looking to see what complete disc to disc diffs are available for sale. Preferably around south east Queensland.


  • Do you have a ratio in mind?
  • Either 3.54 or 3.31.
  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria
    edited May 21
    I have a 240 3.31 available in Victoria, it could be freighted on a pallet. I also have a 700 series 3.54.
  • Early or late? Speedo sensor or not?
    I have a 3.5 here, early one without the speedo pickup. Also in melbs.
    I think there was a guy in Nimbin or Byron Bay wrecking a few Volvos, which is a lot closer than here.
    If you are not aware, the 3.3 is in a 240 manual, 3.5 in a V6. Most 4 cyl autos are 3.7. Happy to be corrected, though pretty sure this is generally accurate.
  • The early cars with BW55 auto had 3.9:1
  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria
    edited May 22
    In the 1031 diffs, auto and M46 is normally 3.73 (4 cyl), M47 is 3.31. V6 auto is 3.54.

    In the 1030 diffs most are 3.91, behind auto and M45, a few very early cars were 4.10.
  • Looking for a different without the speed sensor. DMC how much would you like for the diff assembly?
  • It is still in a car so at least a few weeks away, most likely a month. The brakes will be there though will need replacing as it has sat for a while.
  • I'm not Not in a huge rush for a back end.
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