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S40 race car project [NSW]

SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
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Unstarted race car project - I have committed to a new project so this has to go.

Pretty much everything you need except a rollcage (Bond Rollbars will do a CAMS spec cage for $1850).

Here's what you get:
1. 2002 Phase2 S40 rolling shell (was 2.0 NA auto). Good paint, daggy standard interior.
2. Full manual conversion from clutch pedal to gear knob to half shafts. Your choice of M66 6-speed or M56 5-speed.
3. Good B4184S2 (ie 1784cc NA VCT motor).
4. Good B4204S (ie 1948cc NA non-VCT motor).
5. B4194T (ie 1855cc T4 non-CVT motor) in pieces. Reco head.
6. Microtech Digi2 fuel and ignition ECU (old but simple and works).
7. Complete loom and ECU to suit manual T4 (ie: motor in #5).
8. Set of four 50mm DMS shocks/struts. Need minor modification to fit.
9. Suspension Concepts camber/castor adjustable front strut tops.
10. Billet alloy rear shock tops with spherical bearings.
11. Ultra Racing strut braces (F&R).
12. Set of Wilwood 3-piece rotors (300 x 32mm) and new Wilwood calipers to match.
13. Seven 16x7 BBS T4 wheels with road tyres.
14. Six 15x6.5 Ex-Mirage Cup wheels with reasonable Kumho KU36 semi-slicks (NB: not sure if they fit over the Wilwoods).
15. Ultra Racing 19mm rear sway bar.
16. Momo fibreglass race seat with steel side mounts.
17. RPM 2" race harness.
18. Near new Chinabay suede steering wheel with new boss kit.
19. Full turbo setup from a Phase 2 T4 (turbo, manifold, intake manifold, intercooler, matching turbo radiator, etc)
20. New big Chinabay intercooler.

Heaps of spares, including:
Full set of panels including bumpers (most in matching colours);
Additional bumpers and front guards;
Lights and blinkers;
Suspension arms and steering racks.
Any other parts you want out of my pile of S40 treasure.




All located in Yass NSW.
Will not seperate at this stage, but will happily consider delete options.

My plan had been to fit the 1784cc B418 motor with the turbo (keeps it in the Under 3-litre class for Improved Production).

$2000 take the lot. The shocks alone cost more than this...
Realistically, you should be able to complete it to a good standard for about $6k all up. Can't think of anything half as fast that you could build or buy for that money.

More photos as I dig them up/take them.

Nathan 0400023847


  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    Bump for photos of shocks and brakes in first post.

    Will be taking the car trailer to Sydney in the next week. Can deliver car and a fair chunk of the parts then.
  • Is this still for sale?
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