Stu's 1982 244GL

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I bought her in early 2014 with 351,00kms. Rear drivers side quarter was caved in badly which has since been bashed out with some timber and dolleys, not repaired properly as yet. I think i drove it for 10,000kms and parked it because it needed a few bits and pieces(which i've now forgotten) and it got buried in the shed. Other cars, boats and motorcycles took up my time and the poor old girl was forgotten about. I've found some free time to tinker with my Volvo's, yes i have a few, as one cannot own just a single Volvo.

Here she is(pic from 2014):

If i have decoded this plate correctly, shes a 1982 244GL B23E with a BW55 made in Sweden, Torslanda Plant VCT:

She sat in storage for the last 4 years and was recently trailered to my new workshop. After putting some fresh fuel/battery in she will splutter to life(just) but struggles to idle and stall if the accelerator is touched. I made a thread on this some time ago but never really got the problems on any cars sorted.

The aim of this thread is to identify the problems, repair and hopefully get her back on the road. If I can do this cheaply enough she may live to fight another day, otherwise she'll be used for parts for my 84 244GL or 86 245GL.

Today i spent a couple hours replacing some vacume lines on the K-Jet system, noticing most of these were incorrect to the diagram i was looking at(hard to bloody find - I have a Haynes manual with no diagrams in it!). Most vacume lines were plugged with screws, some just cracked and fallen to lower regions of the engine bay. It seems to run a little smoother now but still dies when the accelerator is touched.

I tried to move the laughed at me. The thermostat housing has been leaking for a long time and has corroded the bracket to the block. 2-3 hours of WD40 and some persuasion i got it to move a little, needs PB blaster. Distributor movement had no effect on the rough idle though, definitely fuel related.

Next up was the in tank fuel pump. I was worried i'd need the special "bung nut tool" as mentioned in YouTube videos, flathead and a hammer did the trick. I was greeted with this, i think we've found our fuelling problem:
I had a good laugh about the remaining thread from what used to be fuel line, removed the pump and threw the assembly in the ultrasonic cleaner. I checked the pump under the car, it sounds healthy and looks newish......I did get a lot of service history with the car which I'll check through. I may just order 2 new pumps and filters anyway as ill be able to use it on my other Volvo's. (FCP-Euro for these?)

If you managed to read all of this, go grab yourself a beer, scotch, rum, bourbon, wine, cup of tea/coffee - you've earned it! Hopefully i'll have some more interesting posts for you all soon. I tried to give this a little backstory as I've enjoyed reading all of your project threads over the years. Cheers, Stu


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