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P1800ES removing rear side window

Need help to remove rear side window on my ES, it is the side fixed window I need to remove to repair some rust. Any suggestion appreciated.


  • Pretty sure first you remove the lower trim piece on outside (3 Phillips head screws) then push out the window with rubber carefully from inside, probably starting at lower rear corner and trying to lift up the seal lip from inside as you go...might want to remove lower interior trim panel too to make it easier to access seal lip. Similar to 240 wagon. Having said that, I removed the rear windows on a 240 wagon recently and had trouble getting them out and had to cut the rubber to remove. If the ES rubber gasket is still available new, that would be an option, and probably given the car’s age a new gasket would be a good idea. I’ll have a look at my ES greenbook manual and get back with any new information. Obviously you want to be careful with the glass as it may not be available any longer. Just looking online and appears that seals and windows are no longer available...might be in stock somewhere, but sounds like you need to be pretty damn careful!
  • Thanks for the help
  • No problem. Here's some pics of the greenbook.71w3k2mvjy9f.jpg
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