240 suspension package: Bilstein B6s, DVS springs & tops, Kings rear springs

GhettobirdJulian (@Ghettobird) Melbourne - SE Suburbs
Hi all

Making the move to coilovers, so I need to sell my current setup to fund some coily-bois

Ive got a complete front end setup consisting of some Bilstein B6s, DVS Special 250lb front springs and some near new front strut tops.

The setup has about 6,000 kms on it, and handles like it was brand new

Front end ride with this setup is great, you get a nice amount of "Low" without compromising the steering geometry, while the Billies firm up things nicely without going too crazy.

Ive also got a BNIB set of Kings rear springs too that I could package together. (KVRL-07)

Pics for demo, theyll be a bit dustier now

Asking 500 for the front setup which is about 800ish new, & 180 for the rear springs


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